Better your team’s communication with Lucidchart and CloudApp

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We’re excited to announce an integration with CloudApp, the popular screen capture application. Now virtual collaboration is easier than ever.

What is CloudApp?

CloudApp is an all-in-one screen recording software that allows users to easily capture and embed HD video and screencasts into their workflows. It perfectly integrates with Lucidchart to supplement businesses of all kinds by enhancing the comprehension and understanding of your projects.

Clarify Lucidchart documents and diagrams 

Whether they’re directed to invested stakeholders, new hires, or a seasoned team, screen recordings ensure you’re all on the same page. Since CloudApp allows you to include a video and/or verbal narration as you’re capturing the screen, it’s simple to direct collaborators’ attention to the area of your Lucidchart document you want them to focus on. This allows your diagrams to stand on their own, eliminating the need for yet another Zoom meeting.

How to record video with CloudApp

Ready to take your team’s communication to the next level?

  1. Open the Lucidchart document you’re working in. (CloudApp also integrates with Lucidspark and Lucidscale.)
  2. Click the video icon in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select CloudApp.
  4. Set your preferred settings in the window that appears. You have the option to include a video and/or audio narration. 
  5. Select Record screen.
  6. Identify what you’d like to record. Choose from a Chrome tab, a specific viewer window, or the whole screen.
  7. Click Share to initiate the recording. A countdown will appear, signaling when to begin your narration.

After your screen recording is finished, you can place it directly in your Lucidchart document. Resizing and repositioning options ensure your video is presented exactly how you’d like.

Improve communication at scale

It can be difficult to connect asynchronously with your hybrid team, especially when projects are new or complex. Instead of leaving a memo and hoping the recipient “gets it,” confidently send a screen capture and know your message and tone of voice were accurately conveyed. Then invite your team to collaborate and share ideas in real time, just like if you were together in person.

It’s time to close the door on workplace miscommunication for good with Lucidchart and CloudApp.

Learn more about using CloudApp with Lucidchart. 
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Learn more about using CloudApp with Lucidchart.

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