Product Updates

  • Introducing 4 new features for quicker diagramming

    Intelligent diagramming just got even better: Introducing new features that help you diagram faster than ever!


    • Product Updates
    • Lucidchart tips
  • Better your team’s communication with Lucidchart and CloudApp

    We’re excited to announce an integration with CloudApp, the popular screen capture application. Now virtual collaboration is easier than ever.  

  • Improve asynchronous collaboration with Lucidchart + Loom integration

    We’re excited to announce an integration between Lucidchart and Loom that will enable video recording within your Lucidchart documents and bring clarity and speed to your visual collaboration. 

  • Lucidchart’s shape library for Salesforce diagrams now on Trailhead

    We are delighted to continue our partnership with Salesforce by offering a new course on Trailhead: Diagramming Essentials.

  • Introducing the future of Lucidchart

    At Lucidchart Connect, we released new features and integrations designed to give you an elevated perspective that drives better decisions in every area of business. Check out this recap of what's new and next in Lucidchart. 

  • 8 reasons why Lucidchart is the perfect Microsoft Visio® replacement

    Considering Lucidchart as a Visio® replacement? Learn about the features that put Lucidchart out on top, including ease of use, easier collaboration, and integrations with leading apps. With our Visio® import, it's easy to make the switch.

  • Announcing Lucidchart Diagrams for Google Slides

    We’re excited to partner with Google for the launch of Google Slides add-ons, making it even easier to spice up your presentations with Lucidchart visuals.

  • Introducing process diagrams from CSV import

    Announcing Lucidchart's newest feature! Simply import a CSV, and Lucidchart will automatically generate a polished process diagram. Learn why we built this feature and how to start using it. 

  • Say Hello to Easier Diagramming with the New Lucidchart

    We're excited to announce the release of the new Lucidchart editor for more powerful and intuitive diagramming! Learn how new features such as data linking, Feature Find, and an optimized UI help users think and innovate faster than ever before.

  • 2016 Feature Review: SCIM

    Enterprise users in Lucidchart have always enjoyed advanced administrator controls, and this year, they had another reason to rejoice. Now they can take advantage of our integration with SCIM, provisioning and deprovisioning users with Lucidchart licenses as needed.

  • 2016 Feature Review: Advanced Diagramming

    See what advanced diagramming features we released in 2016 to make your diagramming faster and easier. 

  • 2016 Feature Review: Mobile

    With Lucidchart, we’re proud to offer a diagramming solution that works across platforms—even mobile devices. And, in 2016, we’ve updated our iOS solutions and added some Android solutions to make it even easier for you to diagram on the go. Check out our mobile year in review.

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