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17 best Salesforce apps

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If you work directly with customers, you’ve likely either worked with Salesforce, worked with someone who uses Salesforce, or seen Salesforce in action. And with good reason: Not only has the company been named a top company to work for by Fortune magazine, but Salesforce is also the most widely-used CRM in the world. In its 20-year history, development has remained constant, with sales team functionality the company’s top priority.

While Salesforce has become an essential tool in the modern sales leader’s toolbelt, it isn’t designed to meet the needs of every sales role. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of apps and software integrations that improve, complement, and expand the functionality of Salesforce. 

We’ve outlined the best Salesforce integrations and apps and organized them by category, function, and unique value.

Salesforce apps for sales

The Salesforce AppExchange provides solutions to nearly every work management problem out there. However, when it comes to identifying the apps specifically designed for sales reps and leaders, everyone could use a little help. 

Take a look at the top apps for your sales team.

Salesforce CPQ

Unique value: Create more accurate proposals.

This native built add-on saves you time by providing three key capabilities: guided selling, pricing and discount schedules, and renewal alerts. 

With guided selling, sales reps and managers can identify products or services for prospects and help match them with a specific solution accurately and fast. Salesforce CPQ also allows sales reps to offer pricing based on a prospect’s budget, apply discounts prorated over time, and include all of it in a single comprehensive quote. Finally, sales reps can improve client retention with automatic renewals alerts and reports created every time a contract is signed. This translates into a self-sustained automated pipeline.


Unique value: Save time with an automated sales assistant.

Conversica is a sophisticated chatbot that identifies quality leads through personalized, specific, and engaging conversation. Unlike other lead generating chatbots that use impersonal conversation to qualify prospects, Conversica is an AI-enabled virtual assistant that collects data from keywords, analyzes and synthesizes a prospect’s message, and responds with human-like messaging to form real connections. This puts your prospect at ease and improves your sales funnel from the start. 

And because “she” is automated, Conversica is able to qualify leads faster than any human sales rep, saving you valuable time. By the time a sales rep makes first contact, the prospect is a qualified lead with accurate data, and—most importantly—they’ve formed a positive connection with your company. 


Unique value: Improve transparency by visualizing your sales process.

Account mapping is a powerful tool for any sales leader. It allows you to visualize key relationships in the sales process and identify each prospect’s position in the sales funnel.

Lucidchart is fully integrated with Salesforce, so all the account maps that you build live within Salesforce. This means increased sales efficiency and pipeline confidence driven by insight into what deals are going to close when. And because you can collaborate on your account maps in real time, your team is constantly aligned. Every member of your team now has access to a single source of truth for all essential account information. Collaboration features like advanced sharing and intuitive team alignment make it easier than ever to work as a team. Additionally, Lucidchart includes an official Salesforce shape library.

Learn more about the Lucidchart integration with Salesforce and make the most of your sales data.

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Conga Composer 

Unique value: Automate document creation, sharing, and management.

Manual document creation, distribution, and management can be time-consuming. Too time-consuming. Conga Composer automates these tasks so that you can scale your document production without having to increase your team member headcount. With this Salesforce integration, you can create templated designs (so that your docs are always on brand) and set up automated workflows triggered by customer engagement. Whether you’re working with quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, reports, or shipping documents, Conga Composer connects the dots between Salesforce data and docs to streamline your workflow. Prospector 

Unique value: Begin your sales process with thorough and accurate data.

Smart sales begin with the right data. Prospector, a native-built Salesforce application, solves this problem by giving you the ability to host all prospect data in an integrated system, without ever leaving your CRM. provides more than 70 fields of company insights and instant access to over 250 million profiles from commercial data company Dun & Bradstreet. This is one Salesforce extension that delivers on its promise to save you time and resources.

Salesforce apps for nonprofits

With the creation of the Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce has doubled down on its commitment to expand to all industries in need of a sophisticated CRM. These Salesforce integrations streamline operations for nonprofit entities, saving team members valuable time and capital in the process.


Unique value: Improve sustainability by collecting donor information.

Donorbox is one of the only donation platforms that supports the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. As donors engage with your organization, Donorbox collects valuable information like name, address, relationship, and donation frequency. The app takes all of this data and plugs it straight into the Salesforce CRM. Maintaining great relationships with donors is vital to nonprofits. Donorbox helps over 27,000 nonprofits build loyalty and powerful engagement with the supporters who mean the most. 

Fonteva Events

Unique value: Manage relationships and events all in one place.

Fundraising for nonprofits often centers on events. And since all events leverage relationships, wouldn’t it make sense to manage events in the same place you manage relationships? With Fonteva Events, an event planning Salesforce application, you can manage information on attendees, sponsors, vendors, and venues all in the same place. It’s a major time-saver. 


Unique value: Manage auctions where you manage your relationships.

Auctions aren’t just exciting—they’re a major source of revenue for nonprofits. OneCause provides tools to manage every aspect of your auction planning, from ticketing to procurement to promotion. 

With its Salesforce integration, you can track valuable information like guest dietary restrictions, improve ticket sales through sophisticated RSVP management, track auction item procurement status, set up custom event pages, integrate your organization’s social media channels, and more. OneCause is a great tool to make sure that your nonprofit functions like a for-profit entity and that you can focus on building and maintaining the right support.


Unique value: Combine social media strategy with relationship management.

Most organizations with a robust social media program have heard of Hootsuite. This social media strategy tool helps you plan out content calendars and schedule social media posts. And when integrated with Salesforce, Hootsuite can also merge any data collected through social media with your CRM. You can see details of activity history for leads and accounts and add relevant social activities. This functionality ultimately gives you a more sophisticated relationship with your supporters. 

At a time when more and more people are connecting through social media, integrating a tool like Hootsuite with Salesforce is a powerful way to maximize reach, improve impact, and achieve your mission.

Salesforce apps for small business

When growing a business, every resource—time, money, energy, and relationships—gets stretched to its limits. Taking advantage of the right tools can mean the difference between thriving and throwing in the towel. These Salesforce extensions give every small business owner the power to maximize their resources and focus their efforts on the tasks with the highest returns.


Unique value: Save time with automated commands.

Task automation is one of the most powerful tools of the digital age for business operators. No application does it better than Zapier, a Salesforce integrated automation platform. Each action cue triggers a subsequent work action. For example, Zapier users can program the following sequence: “For every new Shopify order, add the customer to Salesforce.” The automation possibilities are endless. With integration on more than 800 other applications like Asana, Google Calendar, and Lucidchart, Zapier is the perfect Salesforce add-on for small business owners. 


Unique value: Expand your brand with top-notch email marketing.

Most small business owners know that Mailchimp is a valuable email marketing tool. The Salesforce integration, however, takes email marketing to a whole new level. Email campaign metrics like open rate and click-through rate can be imported into your CRM contact list, creating a seamless marketing and sales strategy supported by real data. Having all of this information in one place is huge. Mailchimp gives sales reps, business owners, and operations teams critical insight into how their email marketing affects the sales funnel and each unique client relationship.


Unique value: Collaborate and share content in one location.

Dropbox has long been a great tool for businesses to store and share digital files and collaborate remotely. With its Salesforce integration, Dropbox saves teams valuable time by giving them direct access to important files in the same place that they manage relationships. Accessibility controls and automatic mapping permissions between Dropbox and Salesforce enhance data security. Imagine, for example, collaborating with your client on classified content from a remote location on a tight deadline, all without switching between platforms.

Unique value: Set up payroll quickly and easily.

Payroll has a bad reputation, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. With Timesheets in Salesforce, small business owners can manage hourly rates, track hours worked, manage salaries, contract freelancers, and set up non-standard payments quickly and seamlessly. Timesheets even provides project tracking. Best of all, it can be set up in minutes. 

Salesforce apps for finance

Propelled by the potential for explosive returns, the finance and fintech ecosystem is in a constant state of innovation. The following apps have earned a stellar track record in a highly competitive playing field by providing excellent functionality and solving key problems. 

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Unique value: Improve service with deeper client relationships.

While Salesforce remains the industry-leading CRM, there’s room for improvement when it comes to client services. The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud add-on offers the perfect solution by providing real-time views into client accounts, assets, interactions, and goals. This add-on even alerts you when a client’s birthday is coming up. The result? A competitively personalized experience for each client and an even savvier CRM.


Unique value: Improve retail banking with integrated relationship management.

nCino is an operating system for banks that touts an impressive 127% increase in account opening completion rates, a 22% increase in efficiency, and a 92% reduction in servicing costs. All of that adds up to an extensive service offering. The nCino Salesforce extension offers finance operations leaders improved support in client onboarding, industry-leading treasury management, and more—all in one central location. 

Currency Conversion Tool

Unique value: Save valuable time with an integrated currency conversion solution.

If you work in international finance, have international clients, or just need to convert currencies quickly and often, Currency Conversion Tool, as its name suggests, is the way to go. Adding this extension to your Salesforce CRM will give your clients added value by eliminating the need to navigate between different apps to convert currencies.

Veo One

Unique value: Save time and money with an integrated trading platform.

Trading operates in real time. Every second lost is someone else’s dollar earned. So why not save valuable time by incorporating your trading platform with your Salesforce CRM? Veo One from TD Ameritrade does just that by giving users the ability to sign into one secure location and view all aspects of both their client’s portfolio and the client/trader relationship. 

As work continues to go digital, Salesforce apps will continue to expand. Have you added any applications to your Salesforce account? If so, you’ve likely experienced the benefit of having more data and more accessibility in one convenient location. If not, then there’s no better time to test drive these tools in your own organization’s operations.

See more, know more, sell more. Integrate your sales tools with Lucidchart to close bigger deals, faster.

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