Explore proven methods to improve process flows and optimize your org.

  • How to get buy-in for changes to your organizational structure

    If your company is preparing to scale, acquiring another business, or preparing to undergo another major change, an organizational redesign may be necessary. Learn how to get the necessary buy-in for your org changes from leadership and employees.


    • HR
    • Leadership
  • How to plan the future of your organization with Lucidchart

    Lucidchart was built to maximize flexibility so you can model the future of your organizational structure before you have to start implementing organizational change. See the process of planning your organizational structure for the future in Lucidchart.

  • How HR can help maintain company culture with remote workers

    HR needs to cultivate an environment of productivity and belonging that brings the entire team together, even if everyone is scattered around the globe. To help, we've put together some tips HR can use to foster a positive culture for remote employees.     


  • A quick and easy guide for onboarding remote employees

    Onboarding is one of the most important processes to make your remote employees feel welcome and ready to work, even outside of a traditional office. See our tips for onboarding remote employees.


  • How to set up effective onboarding with Lucidchart

    More and more organizations are looking to move their onboarding processes online—and Lucidchart is the perfect platform to do so. See how you can visualize your onboarding process, give new employees easy-to-understand documentation, and track new hires' progress.


  • What does pay equity mean?

    Learn more about what pay equity means, why it’s important, and which laws and practices govern how your organization can achieve pay equity.


  • A guide to pay equity analysis

    A pay equity analysis, also called an equal pay audit or a pay parity audit, is the best way to research pay rates within your organization. Here are the 7 steps to a pay equity analysis, from researching pay policies to analyzing your data.


  • Improving the candidate experience from an HR perspective

    The impression your business leaves during the candidate experience can have a tremendous impact on your company’s reputation. Learn why and discover how you can craft a hiring process that elevates your company and solidifies it as a desirable place to work.


  • Campus recruiting strategies to bring in the best candidates

    As a recruiter, you have to go beyond the job fair to compete with other companies and attract bright young minds to work for your business. Take a look at these campus recruiting strategies to bridge the gap between graduates and empty positions.


  • Employee retention strategies: How to keep your most valuable resource

    The cost of employee turnover can soar as high as two times the employee’s salary. With so much at stake, companies should pay close attention to how they can reduce turnover and keep their employees for the long haul. Use the following strategies to track and improve employee retention.

  • How to Use Lucidchart More Effectively in HR

    Read a recap of our webinar to learn how Lucidchart can be used within your HR role. Our visual workspace will help you improve and align your processes, automatically create org charts, create a single source of truth, and create curated presentations to show off your brilliant plans.

  • 5 organizational factors to consider when determining team structure

    Whether you're a small startup or an establish enterprise, there's more to organizational design than just the traditional hierarchy. Learn the five factors that influence organizational structure so you can optimize your team and grow your business.

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