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If you build or market websites, you should know how to make a site map. But many web professionals know nothing about site maps—primarily because there aren't many tools that make visual sitemaps. So we're happy to announce a new addition to Lucidchart: a free, easy-to-use sitemap maker. Instead of painstakingly building diagrams by hand, you can produce a beautiful finished document in a few minutes.

How to get started

  • First, sign up for a free account.
  • Open a new Lucidchart document and click “More Shapes”, then turn on the site map shape library.
  • Drag and drop shapes from the toolbox to the canvas, then rearrange them as necessary. Additional options can be accessed from the pop-up context panel.

If you’d like to publish the document or collaborate in real-time with others, just click “Share” from the menu bar.

Site mapping features in Lucidchart

We've never had a dedicated site map tool before—instead, folks would use the org chart or flowchart shape libraries to build out basic maps. It worked well enough. But with the recent changes, users can build structured, interactive site maps faster than ever before. Nearly all of our site map features are contained within the handy context panel, which allows you to:

  • Choose from 3 dozen sitemap shapes that encompass nearly every website element
  • Drag and release to automatically structure parent-child relationships
  • Instantly change the layout type without losing information
  • Clean up the layout with a single click
  • Quickly add a URL to any sitemap element
  • Switch shapes with the click of a button

We hope you enjoy the new sitemap tool! As this is a new feature, we welcome your honest feedback—sound off in the comments.

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