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Over the past year, our team discovered something: Lucidchart users don't always show off their diagrams within Lucidchart. Instead, they often export documents as PNG or JPG files, add them to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, and present to their supervisor or co-workers. While we're pleased that our export options are so popular, we want to save people those extra steps. After surveying users, we saw a need to make Lucidchart itself a great presentation tool. That's why we developed our brand new presentation mode.

How it Works

Presentation mode lets you organize your diagrams and flowcharts into Google slides, then show them off in fullscreen mode, zoom in and out, and easily navigate between them. Getting started is simple:

1. Open the presentation panel and click “+ Slide”.

2. Drag your cursor to select which part of the diagram you want to include in your slide.

3. Repeat until you've created enough slides for your presentation. Lucidchart Presentation Mode

Lucidchart Presentation Mode Features

We've also added some special features. Highlighting allows you to light up specific sections of your diagram, while clicking the gear icon lets you set timing and layer options for your slides. Once you've selected your slides, all you need to do is click “Present” at the top of the editor. You'll be giving professional presentations in no time, right in Lucidchart. Check out our tutorial on presentation mode or our beginner's guide to Lucidchart to learn more, and please let us know what you think!