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6 Lucidchart templates perfect for large teams

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While collaboration is important in every team, it becomes an especially important skill to foster on large teams. The more individuals, perspectives, and opinions there are, the more difficult it can be to align. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible—not at all.

The key is to find a dynamic solution to help your team stay on the same page, and that’s exactly what Lucid is. Lucidchart documents update in real time from anywhere you’re working, meaning that they can serve as a reliable source of truth for your team. Lucidchart empowers your team to confidently do their best work, knowing that they always have the context to succeed in their roles.

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Today, we’re excited to share six templates that Lucidchart users love to collaborate on with their large teams. These were submitted by our Lucid Champions, which is a customer-centered program built specifically for Lucid users. 

Note: For the purposes of this article, we classify large organizations as anywhere from 200-10,000 individuals.

Flowchart with swimlanes

This template is so popular that multiple Lucid Champions submitted it as their favorite. This flowchart with swimlanes template helps you document a process, breaking down which stakeholders are responsible for each task. It is thorough enough to effectively help organize your team’s processes but simple enough to apply to any use case. 

Jabe H, a senior technical program manager, is one of the Lucid Champions who uses this template the most. 

“The flowchart with swimlanes is such a great way to talk about accountability for process activities. I use it with cross-functional teams to establish who will be responsible for getting work done.” 

Mitch D also uses this template more than any other and has even used it to base several other templates off of.

“It's given me several ideas for how to start mapping out process flows. It helps make the processes easy to read.”

flowchart with swimlanes template

Service blueprint with timeline

If you’re looking for a solution to better meet the needs of your customers, our service blueprint with timeline can help. It’s perfect to visualize connections between services and processes to strengthen a customer’s journey and improve their experience overall. 

An anonymous Lucid Champion says that this template suits a lot of use cases in their daily workflow.

“I often have to visualize complex systems, so this kind of diagram helps to depict how the data flows.”

service blueprint with timeline template

Kanban board with prioritization

Our Kanban board with prioritization template can help improve your processes. Visually manage your workflow to eliminate bottlenecks and boost efficiency. 

Andrea Fotinos, a consultant, described how this template helps her team:

“As a consultant, I use this board for software implementation projects. Recently we divided projects into two teams: business and tech. Although different priorities and approaches, we need to know what the other hand is doing because our workflows cross over and intertwine often.”

Kanban board template

Gantt chart with milestones example

Hey project managers: This one is for you. Our Gantt chart with milestones example template is perfect for managing projects, identifying progress, and visualizing scheduled tasks over time for each owner.

Mayank Nawal, a principal solution architect at Cox Automotive uses this template for any project planning and stakeholder alignment tasks that come into his work pipeline. 

“This template always helps me put the thoughts on paper and identify the sequence of events along with the timelines, which in turn helps immensely when sharing with collaborators and to be used in conversations.”


Gantt chart template

Activity diagram with swimlanes example

Swimlanes are a useful tool to stay organized and visualize tasks. Our activity diagram with swimlanes example template can help you visualize the functionalities and flow of various activities, using swimlanes to partition activities and identify who is responsible for performing each one.

Ria S, a GRC lead, uses this template almost daily and feels it’s perfect for clarification of roles and responsibilities for critical work activities.

“I use swimlane diagrams to accompany work procedures and work instructions, as it is a perfect diagrammatic representation that depicts who is responsible for what areas. It promotes accountability and efficiency.”


activity diagram template

HR org chart example

This HR org chart is not only helpful for HR teams but for entire orgs to understand who to contact with specific concerns. 

Another anonymous Lucid Champion feels that “The ability to link to data for a dynamic update is powerful.” They said:

“It’s important to understand the employee-manager relationships. This template helps me do just that.” 


HR chart template

Empower your large team with Lucidchart

Whether you’re looking for an org chart, a Kanban board, a swimlane diagram, or something else entirely, Lucidchart is a dynamic solution for teams of any size. Join these Lucid Champions who trust Lucid to help them do their best work with their teams.

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