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We’ve rounded up some templates that can help you manage your team, lower your stress levels, and keep your resources organized. Let’s dive in! 

Org chart

An organization chart (org chart) is a graphical representation of some type of organization. For example, a hierarchical reporting org chart visually describes who reports to whom with the CEO at the top and all other employees branching down from there. 

This org chart template has all the shapes and lines you need to draw a custom org chart that will help you understand who your team members report to and what they work on.

Org chart
Org chart example (click on image to modify online)

Roles/responsibilities framework

This type of chart gives you a high-level visual overview of who does what on your team.

The roles/responsibilities framework does not document the details of team members’ day-to-day tasks. Instead, it simply outlines what each team member is in charge of. 

Use this roles/responsibilities framework template to document specific roles, visualize team organization, and onboard new team members. 

Role and responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities (click on image to modify online)

Team charter

A team charter is a document that is created in collaboration with the entire team. The team charter is used to define the team’s purpose and objectives. All members of the team work on this document to help everybody understand who does what, to get buy-in from all involved, and to increase team cohesiveness.

This team charter template can help you to define the what and why of your team and help everybody stay on the same page as they work toward the goal.

team charter
Team charter template (click on image to modify online)

1:1 meeting agenda

One-on-one (1:1) meetings provide important face-to-face time with direct reports and serve as a point of connection throughout the week or month. 

This 1:1 meeting template can help you to create and stick to an agenda to make your 1:1 meetings more productive and meaningful.

1:1 meeting template
1:1 meeting template (click on image to modify online)

Career path

A career path map is useful for both you and your direct reports. It helps employers to set up requirements and goals so employees understand what they need to do to get promotions and pay increases. Because a career path lets employees know what they need to do to advance, it can make them more content and help you to retain the talent you’ve invested in.

Use this career path template to define requirements and expectations and to communicate to employees the pay ranges for specific roles.

career management
Career management template (click on image to modify online)

Career progression chart

A career progression plan (also called a career development plan) is kind of like a personal roadmap that lets employees map out and plan how to advance in a company. Usually, the employee will work with their manager to describe the steps the employee needs to take, determine if there is a specific timeline, and set milestones.

This career progression chart template can help you to set goals with your direct reports and determine which path they can take to achieve them. 

career progression
Career progression template (click on image to modify online)

Multifunctional employee training chart

A multifunctional employee training chart lets you keep track of your employees’ skill sets. This way you can encourage them to learn new skills through company-sponsored training. The more skills they have, the easier it is to create a self-sufficient team that is able to cover for each other.

This multifunctional employee training chart can help you gauge employee skill sets and training progress. 

Multifunctional employee training chart
Multifunctional employee training chart (click on image to modify online)

Performance improvement plan

Sometimes employees don’t perform up to expectations. A performance improvement plan (PIP) can help you to identify problem areas and set goals the employee can reach to be a more successful. 

This performance improvement plan template can help you to increase clarity between you and your directs about performance expectations and review activities a direct report has done to improve their performance.

performance improvement plan
Performance improvement plan (click on image to modify online)

OKR plan

Objectives and key results (OKR) planning is a goal-setting framework that teams or individuals use to improve performance. An objective is something you want to achieve. A key result is how you measure whether what you achieved was successful. 

Use this OKR planning template to review your objectives measured against the actual results to help you to make informed decisions when planning future OKRs.

OKR planning template (click on image to modify online)

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