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Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation.

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Make your best ideas successful with visual brainstorming

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    Bring the best ideas to life with the best online brainstorming tools

    Whether you’re taking meeting notes or figuring out a process with your team, the right brainstorming tools are crucial for taking your idea from first steps to final product. Our online sticky notes let you gather, organize, and share ideas and input with ease, allowing you and your team to highlight your best ideas. Once your ideas have been formulated, discussed, and prioritized, our brainstorming software lets you create actionable work items and concrete plans for implementation.

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    Use intuitive features and templates to brainstorm without lag

    Lucidchart lets you brainstorm online at the speed of thought with intuitive features that make even the most complex ideas simple to map out and visualize. Get started on your idea boards quickly by customizing a template or importing outlined ideas from a spreadsheet file directly into Lucidchart. Use hotkeys to quickly add new shapes as you go and leverage formatting features to tailor color schemes, styles, fonts, and more in your visual brainstorm.

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    Optimize any brainstorm session by seeing everyone's changes in real-time

    Maximize the power of our built-in collaborative features for optimal team brainstorming. Make brainstorm meetings more effective with Lucidchart enabling everyone to work in the same document and see all updates as they happen. Real-time collaboration, in-editor commenting, and collaborative cursors instantly designate where your team members are interacting. Running a brainstorm session in Lucidchart empowers you and your team to contribute and organize your best ideas, whether you’re working in the same room or across different time zones. Our cloud-based brainstorming software works seamlessly across any device, so you and your collaborators can access your shared ideas at any time, from any location.

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    Transcend our brainstorming tools and make any diagram for any process

    As the leading visual workspace, Lucidchart helps teams go from ideation to successful implementation using any type of diagram or chart. Go beyond your brainstorming sessions and create process maps, technical system designs, flowcharts, and more using our dedicated shape libraries and massive template gallery. From identifying bottlenecks, to designating task ownership, to putting standardized processes in place, Lucidchart is the all-encompassing solution for guiding teams through any phase of a project life cycle and keeping everyone on the same page at any given step.

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    Present and share your ideas across your favorite app integrations

    When you're ready, sharing your work in a variety of ways is only a click away. Leverage our powerful integrations using simple add-ons to insert your visuals across popular platforms like G Suite, Microsoft Office, Confluence, Slack, and many more. Innovate your slide presentations and impress any audience by enabling our in-editor presentation mode to showcase your ideas and solutions exactly the way you want. With the power of visual reasoning, Lucidchart is the ultimate platform for your audience to easily understand any processes and ideas you want to convey and then quickly get the feedback you need to move forward.

How to brainstorm ideas with Lucidchart

  1. Start with a template, a file, or blank canvas

    In Lucidchart, you can choose an existing template in our library, import a TXT or CSV file to generate shapes automatically, or start from scratch with a blank canvas.

  2. Add shapes as you brainstorm new ideas

    Use hotkeys to quickly create shapes for new ideas and rapidly branch them together as you go. Or, manually drag-and-drop shape library symbols directly onto the canvas as you generate ideas.

  3. Organize your thoughts

    Simply click and drag your shapes to rearrange your ideas as needed, add containers to organize ideas that overlap, or group shapes together and apply formatting rules to identify themes or highlight distinctions.

  4. Collaborate and share your brainstorm with others

    Share your brainstorm document with others add and refine ideas collaboratively in real-time, or present your finished work with stakeholders in a format of your choice to get the feedback you need to move forward.

  5. Create more diagrams to turn brainstorm ideas into reality

    Use your finished brainstorm board to inspire and create other diagrams to further visualize and execute your entire project or process from start to finish. Explore templates, shape libraries, and features to make process maps, project timelines, data flow diagrams, Kanban boards and more.

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