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Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation. 

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Lucidchart brainstorming software

See your ideas through to implementation with our dynamic online brainstorming tools

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    Bring the best ideas to the surface with the right tools

    Whether you’re taking meeting notes or figuring out a process with your team, the right brainstorming tools are crucial for taking your idea from first steps to final product. Our online sticky notes let you gather, organize, and share ideas and input with ease, allowing you and your team to highlight your best ideas. Once your ideas have been formulated, discussed, and prioritized, our brainstorming software lets you create actionable work items and concrete plans for implementation.

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    Brainstorm with sticky notes, mind maps, and more

    Lucidchart lets you brainstorm online at the speed of thought with easy-to-use sticky notes, mind maps, and other visuals. Get started on your online post-it board or mind map quickly by customizing a template or auto-generating your sticky notes from a CSV or a plain text file. Add new mind map or sticky note shapes instantly just by pressing “Enter,” and then use our formatting tools to tailor your visual’s layout, color scheme, or font.

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    Meet and collaborate online with real-time updates

    Maximize the power of collective brainstorming. Lucidchart makes it simple to work together through real-time updates, in-editor commenting, and collaborative cursors, which show you exactly where your team members are editing. Now you and your team can zero in on the best ideas, whether you’re working in the same conference room or across time zones. Our cloud-based brainstorming software works seamlessly across any device, so you and your collaborators can access your work any time, from any device.

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    Take ideas to implementation with other diagrams and work processes

    Take your ideas from ideation to implementation with your choice of diagram. After brainstorming online, use our extensive shape libraries and templates to create process flows, wireframes, user journey maps, Kanban boards, and more. These visuals can guide your team through each phase of your project, helping your team identify action items, establish clear ownership of tasks, and put processes in place to ensure your best ideas are brought to life.

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    Present and share your work with versatile integrations

    Once your team is ready to move forward, present your visuals with our in-editor presentation mode or share your work to get the feedback you need to move forward quickly. Embed your finished work into your team’s favorite apps, such as G Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, with our powerful integrations. Your work is a click away for you and your team.

How to use our online brainstorming tools


Start with a template, list, or blank canvas

In Lucidchart, you can choose an existing template in our library, import a TXT or CSV file to generate shapes automatically, or start from scratch with a blank canvas.


Add shapes to your brainstorming board

Drag and drop sticky notes or mind map shapes from the shape library onto your canvas. Press "Enter" to create new shapes quickly and easily.


Organize your thoughts

Use swimlanes to organize your sticky notes and mind map shapes, or group them together using colors and other formatting options to identify themes or highlight ideas.


Create additional diagrams to turn ideas into reality

Create process flows, wireframes, user journey maps, or kanban boards to visualize your project execution plan. Use the ideas from your brainstorming board to inform your goals and processes.


Collaborate, analyze, improve, and share

Work with stakeholders to identify areas of ownership and collaborate on your plans. Share your sticky notes boards and other diagrams to get the feedback you need to move forward.

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