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lucidchart wbs software

Divide and conquer with a WBS for project management.

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    Streamline the project management process

    As a project manager, proper planning is crucial to setting clear expectations and keeping your team on task in order to complete your project on time and on budget. An organized work breakdown structure can break down your large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks, allowing you, your executives, and your team to focus on concrete deliverables and measurable milestones. With our WBS creator, you can create the work breakdown structure you need in a matter of minutes.

  • work breakdown structure software

    Create basic WBS diagrams with easy-to-use features

    While other WBS tools lack the functionality to create WBS charts quickly and easily, Lucidchart’s advanced features and intuitive interface let you customize your diagram to your project’s needs. Start by dragging shapes onto your blank canvas, then insert your project’s tasks into individual shapes or import your data from a spreadsheet or CSV. Once your information has been entered, use our extensive formatting features to differentiate tasks and subtasks or define task ownership.

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    Easily present and publish your diagram

    Make your WBS chart easily accessible to your entire team with our easy-to-use presenting, publishing, and sharing options. With a clean, professional presentation mode, you can present your work instantly without ever leaving the Lucidchart editor. Leverage our powerful integrations with popular apps like G Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, and more to share your work using the platforms your team already uses every day.

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    Collaborate in real time with your entire team

    Collaborate with stakeholders as you build your work breakdown structure to ensure you’ve covered all of your project’s necessary tasks, subtasks, and budget information. Real-time collaboration, @mention commenting, and in-editor chat allows you to update and share information instantly. Our work breakdown structure software is based in the cloud, so you can access your WBS diagram from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device, letting you and your team work where and when you please.

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    Use Lucidchart to take action from your work breakdown structure

    With hundreds of diagram templates and advanced features, Lucidchart is much more than just a WBS maker. Once your WBS is complete and your team has provided necessary feedback, we can help you get your project off the ground with Kanban boards, scrum boards, Gantt charts, PERT charts, and more. We offer more than 800 templates for a variety of diagrams, so you can create easy-to-use visuals as you brainstorm new ideas, plan for important milestones, assign tasks, and more.

How to create a work breakdown structure


Add the project name

Start with the project name as the first level of the WBS. Then, use the project's scope and statement to determine the major deliverables that are essential to the success of the project.


Add the deliverables at the second level

Take the deliverables you have identified and add them to the work breakdown structure at the second level, connecting back to the project name.


Break down major deliverables into work packages

Break each of your major deliverables down into the necessary work components required to complete it. Record each of them on your WBS at the third level. Most work breakdown structures will have three levels, but you can add more if necessary.


Review and group manageable tasks

Before taking action, make sure deliverables and sub-deliverables add up to 100% of the work needed for the project's completion. Then, divide up the tasks you have created so that they are ready to assign to the appropriate team members.


Share your WBS with team members

When you've finalized your work breakdown structure, share the visual with project stakeholders and team members who will be assigned to tasks, so everyone can see the planned deliverables and what’s expected for each task.

Frequently asked questions about our WBS tool

How can I color-code tasks and roles in my work breakdown structure?

Lucidchart makes it easy to use conditional formatting to color- code and organize tasks, roles, and other items in your work breakdown structure.

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Once I'm done with my work breakdown structure, how can Lucidchart help me assign tasks and execute the project?

Lucidchart offers templates for PERT charts, Gantt charts, kanban boards, scrum boards, and other diagrams that can help you take your project to its next stages.

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I need to share my work breakdown structure with other teams before we begin the project. What are my options within Lucidchart?

Publish your WBS diagram as an image, email your work to individuals or groups, or use the powerful Lucidchart add-on in popular team apps like Confluence, Slack, and more!

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