• Flowchart for Mac

    Do you need to make a flowchart on Mac OS X? Lucidchart is a collaborative, affordable solution for your home or office. Get professional results without the hefty price!

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  • Flowchart Maker

    Because Lucidchart runs in your browser, it doesn't matter which kind of computer you use. No need to download a flowchart maker or fret about compatibility!

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Flowcharts made easy

Don't settle for a Parallels solution when you can use our flowchart maker in your native browser. Lucidchart's drag-and-drop action makes it easier than ever to create comprehensive flowcharts. With one click, you can add themes for a polished, professional look.

Real-time collaboration

Lucidchart's feature set goes beyond just working on a Mac. You can work in real-time with anyone, regardless of their operating system. Plus, we make it easy to share your flowcharts as a webpage, embedded document, PDF, PNG, or JPG.

Cross-platform compatibility

On the go? Easily transition between devices to create or modify any flowchart. Because Lucidchart is browser-based, you and your team members can switch seamlessly between PC, iMac, MacBook, and even iPad platforms.