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browserbarVisually outline your as-is process

Use Lucidchart to map out existing business processes. You can use this diagram to verify the current process with the employees or teams directly involved.

browserbarBuild your to-be process diagram

Analyze your as-is diagram to more clearly identify and address points of friction, waste, or weakness. Use layers in Lucidchart to make adjustments to your existing diagram to start building your to-be process.

browserbarShare and gather feedback

Share your new process maps with critical stakeholders from anywhere at any time. Whether in presentation mode or by document share and commenting, you can more quickly gain approval or feedback and expedite improvement implementations.

browserbarCommunicate change

Host your newly polished process diagrams in one central location on Lucidchart. You can easily share your documents to inform employees of updates while also accelerating new hire training with accessible and digestible visuals.

Pearson Case Study

See how Pearson relies on Lucidchart to collaborate, map processes and systems, record ideas, and solicit feedback.

On-demand Webinar: How to Apply Performance Metrics to Business Processes

Jogee Varughese discusses how to use metrics to measure how well your business processes are performing and to prioritize which business processes to optimize.

Business Process Modeling Methodologies

Learn how BPM can support your company’s initiatives for long-term growth and success.

That’s the great thing about Lucidchart—you can use it for so many things. It’s the Swiss Army knife for diagramming. Everybody can find a use for it.

Ben Carter, Product Director of End User Solutions at Pearson

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