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Start from scratch or with a template to easily draw ER diagrams online. Lucidchart's free ER diagram tool makes database modeling fast, efficient, and collaborative.

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Use Lucidchart to create entity-relationship diagrams powerfully and efficiently. Get started with our basic naming and shape conventions, including entities, relationships, and attributes. Then convey cardinality constraints with simple formatting of shapes and arrows.


Some ER diagram generators are clunky and hard to use. With Lucidchart, simply open the ER diagram library to begin dragging and dropping shapes. You'll win praises from your team for migrating to the cloud, saving money, and enabling collaboration. Now you can work any time, anywhere, on any device that supports HTML5.


Lucidchart's real-time collaboration means zero downtime—no more wondering which member of your team has the working copy. Your documents are stored safely in the cloud and available whenever you need them. With in-editor chats, comments, and presence, each member of your team will be on the same page.

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When you use Lucidchart's ER diagram software, your output will look and function just as it should. You'll have the extra advantage of cross-platform compatibility and on-the-go access. Start diagramming today on our free plan, or try out our premium features with a free trial. Our plans are surprisingly affordable, and a trial is completely risk-free!

If you don't know where to start, try browsing the ERD examples that other users have shared in the Community Library.

For more general flowcharting needs, check out our flow chart creator.