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Creating a flowchart is fast and free with Lucidchart's online flowchart generator. It's ideal for network design, process modeling, and more.

Your Flowchart Generator

Work quickly

HTML5 makes Lucidchart's online flowchart maker fast and fluid. You'll never go back to plugins like Flash when you see how smoothly Lucidchart runs. Now you can connect shapes, add interactivity, and style your diagram in record time.


Real collaboration

Our app offers real-time collaboration that really works. Engage your team members to cut down on iterations and wasted time. Since Lucidchart is web-based, there's nothing to download or install. Signing up is super fast; once you select a username and password, just log in.

Easy to use

Lucidchart is effective, visually pleasing, and easy to use. Even if you're a diagramming novice, you'll have a great-looking flowchart within minutes. From brainstorming with a mind map, creating a mockup for a website, or designing a site map, Lucidchart does it all.

Feature Highlights

Make your own professional diagrams. We make flow charts simple, intuitive, and even fun.

Drag and drop

Easy diagramming

Our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to arrange your flowchart elements however you want. Just click and drag your mouse to connect shapes, and try adding an image to make your flowchart stand out. Our straightforward interface keeps it simple.

Visio Import and Export

Works with Visio

Viewing and editing Visio files is easy with Lucidchart, which means that you won't have to repeat your past work. You'll also be able to interact with colleagues who still use Visio by exporting your Lucidchart diagrams as Visio files. We even support OmniGraffle as well.

Google Drive

Fully integrated

Lucidchart works perfectly with the Google Apps productivity suite, so you can use your existing Google login and sync with Google Drive. You can also import media from YouTube, Dropbox, and Facebook at the click of a button to make your diagrams stand out even more.

Share via print or digital

Publish and promote

Once you've made a professional-looking diagram, you'll naturally want to share it. We've made it easy to do so, however you choose to share it. You might publish your flowchart as a PDF or image, then include it in a report or presentation. Or just embed it right on your webpage!

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