Introducing free Visio viewers for all

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After months of work, our team is excited to introduce a suite of free Visio Viewers across 4 popular channels: Chrome, Firefox, Confluence, and any other web application (with our exclusive API). Each viewer is completely free to download and use, and there’s no catch — no licenses or fees are required to view documents.

visio viewers

These viewers represent a new level of freedom for anyone who accesses Microsoft Visio files on a regular basis. If you or your colleagues are without Visio licenses, this is a great workaround solution. Our viewers are compatible with any operating system or modern browser, and just like the standard version of Lucidchart, they support .vsd, .vsdx, and .vdx file types. We also have a few more features for you to enjoy!

Visio Viewer for Chrome & Firefox

Our Visio viewer will allow Chrome & Firefox users to open any online Visio file in read-only mode. You can also open attached Visio files inside your Gmail or Google Apps account. The viewers are easy to install and use.

To open Visio files from your email: Gmail and Google Apps users can view and edit Visio files attached to their emails by clicking the “Open in Lucidchart” button next to their Visio attachments.

To open Visio files from a website: With the extension installed, users can open Visio files posted on the web by right-clicking the hyperlink and selecting “View in Lucidchart.”

For more detailed installation and use instructions for the Visio Viewers or the API, please see our documentation.

Visio Viewer for Confluence

Our Confluence plugin will enable your entire organization to view Visio files for free. To install the plugin, just click here or navigate to Lucidchart’s listing in the Atlassian Marketplace, then download as you would any other plugin. The viewing functionality is bundled with our diagramming application, but you won’t need a paid license to use the Visio Viewer.

We’ve also designed a simpler, more intuitive flow for modifying and inserting diagrams in your Confluence instance. Simply type a curly brace, followed by “Lucidchart”, and select Lucidchart’s macro from the list that appears. You’ll be taken directly to a page where you can select a desired diagram. The diagram will be inserted at the curly brace while you’re still in edit mode, which wasn’t possible until now. Users can modify size and other elements quickly and easily.

Transparent PNG download

Lucidchart users can now download any diagram as a PNG with transparent background. This feature will allow users to create beautiful images that look good against any background, not just white ones. Transparent PNGs enable a host of creative applications for presentations and web design, so try them today!

IE8 no longer supported

As of June 2013, Lucidchart will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. We apologize for the inconvenience that this change may cause. However, our team has researched usage information and discovered that less than 0.2% of work done in Lucidchart actually occurred in IE8. Given the considerable difficulties of supporting an antiquated browser, we’ve decided to phase out support for IE8 to focus on an incredible experience for the vast majority of users. For an optimal experience, we recommend Chrome or another modern browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 10. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

We always appreciate your feedback on new and existing features. Please watch for more as we respond to user requests, and as always, thank you for choosing Lucidchart.

– The Lucidchart Team

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4 Responses to Introducing free Visio viewers for all

  1. Josh says:

    Yet another wonderful feature, GJ Lucidchart and thank you.
    I have one question however that I have not been able to answer for myself in trial and error: how can I view a visio file in my google drive from chrome using this extension?

  2. eliza says:

    Hi Josh, great question. The easiest way to view Visio files from Drive is to install Lucidchart from the Chrome Web Store, found here:

    Once it’s installed, you can easily open Visio files from Drive by right-clicking the file, selecting “Open with” and picking Lucidchart. If you have any more questions, feel free to email Thanks for your support!

  3. Tomas says:

    can i download this extension on my mac with Safari?


  4. eliza says:

    Hi Tomas,
    You can’t use the extensions with Safari, unfortunately. But if you have either Firefox or Chrome for Mac, you’re good to go. Please email if you have any more questions 🙂

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