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Announcing Lucidchart’s Integration with Google Slides

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Lucid Software is proudly integrated with the Google Slides API that will allow you to not only visually display your diagram but to tell its story as well.

Behind every diagram is necessary context—Google Slides allows you to provide each section of your diagram with the context needed to tell the whole story. Any Lucidchart user who has already integrated with Google Drive will automatically have access to the Google Slides integration.


Optimize your presentations

If you’re presenting the entire view of your diagram all at once, it’s easy for people to lose focus and get ahead of what you are explaining. With Google Slides, you can break down your diagram into separate pieces. Maintain control over the conversation by helping your audience stay hyperfocused on the specific part of the diagram you are walking through at that moment.

Using Lucidchart’s presentation mode, you can zoom in to highlight specific aspects of your diagram and make a separate slide for each view. When you’ve finished, export your presentation to Google Slides. You can then add other kinds of content and context to your presentation without worrying about affecting your original Lucidchart diagram.

Google Slides and Lucidchart  

Each slide can explain a different section of your diagram in as much detail as necessary to help your audience better comprehend what is going on. Doing so is much more effective than overwhelming them with one giant diagram on a single slide that stays very high-level.

Google Slides integration

Already in Google Slides? With the Lucidchart add-on, you can insert diagrams without ever leaving your favorite Google app. Learn more about the Lucidchart Diagrams for Google Slides add-on here

Collaboration with Lucidchart

Utilizing this integration can greatly facilitate your everyday workflow as you collaborate on different projects:

  • Talk with involved stakeholders to determine the project’s specific tasks and requirements.
  • Create a diagram in Lucidchart.
  • Use the Google Slides integration to present the first iteration of your proposal in order to gather feedback from stakeholders.
  • Revise your diagram as necessary based on input from others.
  • Export your final slides to Google Slides so you can present your finished version to all involved. You can walk them through your entire diagram slide by slide in order to provide all the information necessary to ensure that final approval.

Sign up today to see how harnessing the power of Lucidchart and Google Slides can bring org charts, flowcharts, and other diagrams to life. For more information on the new Slides API, check out Google’s blog.


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