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Have you ever found yourself in a Lucidchart document resizing shapes, carefully navigating around with click-and-drag, or copying and pasting dozens of the same shape? We’ve been there too, but there’s a better way! While our tools can be used manually, there are many Lucidchart shortcuts that can make your diagramming more efficient.

Let’s dive into some popular Lucidchart keyboard shortcuts to help you diagram with ease. Even if you’re a Lucid pro, you might be surprised at what you’ll learn.

Easy navigation

Navigate around your Lucidchart document easily using the following shortcuts. 


Quickly zoom in and out to view the contents of your Lucidchart document. All you need to do is press the space bar and use your mouse scroll wheel or trackpad to zoom.


zoom lucidchart

Move around the canvas

Hold down the space bar and click to navigate around your canvas. You can also right-click and drag to move around the document intuitively.

lucidchart shortcuts


Add shapes to your board and adjust them with a few simple clicks. Keeping your colors, shapes, and styles consistent helps collaborators and stakeholders stay aligned.

Quick copy

Quickly copy a shape and add it to your canvas. Simply select any shape or group of shapes. Hold the Alt key (for Windows) or Option key (for Mac), and drag your shapes to make a copy.

 lucidchart shortcutslucidchart shortcuts

quick copy lucidchart

Copy shape style

To copy the shape style without copying the text inside the shape, right-click on the shape you’d like to copy and click Copy Style. Highlight additional shapes in your document, right-click on one, and select Paste Style to match.

copy shape style

Quick align

Quickly align shapes by selecting two or more shapes. Of the selected shapes, right-click on the shape you want others to align with. Select Align, and then choose how you want to align your shapes: left, center, right, top, middle, or bottom.

lucidchart shortcuts

quick align lucidchart

Shape distribution

Distribute your shapes evenly—horizontally or vertically—by selecting three or more shapes, right-click on any shape, select Distribute, and then choose the direction you want to distribute your shapes.

lucidchart shortcuts

De-magnetize shapes from a container 

To magnetize or demagnetize containers on your board, simply select one of the containers and click the magnet icon in your properties bar at the top of your canvas. 

lucidchart shortcuts

Match size 

Create uniformity in your document by matching shape size. To do this, you can either highlight the shapes or hold Shift and click the shapes you want to match the size to. From there, right-click and select Match Size.

lucidchart shortcuts

match size lucidchart


Jumbled lines can create confusion in your diagram. Here are some Lucidchart shortcuts for using lines effectively.

Straight lines

Lines show process steps, explain relationships between entities and more. To create straight lines, click and hold Shift as you draw your lines to keep them perfectly straight.

lucidchart shortcuts

Add a jump line

Adding a jump line causes one line to jump over the overlapping line to provide clarity. Select the line you want to jump and then click the Line Style dropdown in your properties toolbar at the top of your canvas. Select jump.

jump line

Smart Lines 

Adjust the connection points to the most efficient path between shapes with Smart Lines. Drag a line connection into a shape, holding until the shape is highlighted and blue, and letting go—this takes about one second. From there, you can move your shapes around as you need, and the Smart Lines will dynamically redraw themselves for efficiency.

smart lines lucidchart

And there you have it, some of our most popular Lucidchart shortcuts. For additional hotkey shortcuts, simply press F1 to view them on your screen. We hope this makes diagramming a breeze!

 lucidchart shortcuts

lucidchart shortcuts

Lucidchart shortcuts

Try these Lucidchart shortcuts out for yourself.  

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