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Although Gliffy is the oldest diagramming add-on for team wikis in Confluence, it lacks many features that are essential for optimizing your collaborative group experience. Choosing Lucidchart as a Gliffy alternative will make work better for your team in the following key areas.

1. Powerful, intuitive editor

Both Gliffy and Lucidchart make it possible for you to create diagrams and embed them directly into your Confluence pages. The difference is that with our powerful and intuitive editor it’s faster and easier for your team to create a wide variety of professional diagrams and get on the same page.

  • Save time making advanced diagrams with functionality including UML sequence diagrams from markup, AWS architecture import, org chart generation from .csv files and ERD import and export.
  • Generate high fidelity Visio imports so you can collaborate on diagrams with Windows, Mac and Linux users.
  • Produce uniform, professional diagrams as Lucidchart measures the gaps between shapes while you drag and drop them onto the canvas.
  • Store and share all of your big ideas with multi-page diagrams.
  • Keep track of your changes with auto save and revision history.

2. Collaboration and accessibility

Although Confluence is intended as a collaborative space, Gliffy does not offer real-time editing or commenting, making it difficult for teams to collaborate on group documents. In contrast, Lucidchart offers a unique set of features that makes building flowcharts as a group and generating feedback a possibility at work or on the go.

  • Collaborate on documents in real-time with multi-participant editing capability.
  • Stay on the same page with your team by updating your documents in Confluence with the click of a button. You never have to re-upload your work.
  • Get input on your diagrams with commenting features including @mention notifications.
  • Share your diagrams with stakeholders, even if they don’t have a Lucidchart license.
  • Access your flowcharts from anywhere using our mobile apps for iOS devices.

3. Integrations

Gliffy only allows you to build diagrams in Confluence. On the other hand, Lucidchart has committed to working in all the apps that you do. With the purchase of a single Lucidchart license, gain access to every integration that we offer as shown below.

Lucidchart integrations

4. Enterprise licensing and features

With Gliffy, large teams are locked into an expensive, fixed licensing tier. Unlike Gliffy, Lucidchart is a flexible, affordable option that can be adapted to suit the diverse needs of your enterprise.

  • Save money with our flexible licensing system. Anybody on your Confluence instance can view diagrams, but only users that need to make or edit them need a Lucidchart license.
  • Manage the growth of your Lucidchart team with domain lockdown.
  • Make your life and every Lucidchart sign-on easy with SSO/SAML.

Make the switch

Even if your Confluence instance is already full of Gliffy diagrams, switching to Lucidchart is still a viable option. We currently support an automated Gliffy to Lucidchart conversion for single Confluence pages with a mass Gliffy conversion for your entire instance coming soon. Choosing to use Lucidchart is a no brainer. Do what is best for your team by equipping them with the only truly collaborative flowchart solution designed for diverse enterprises.