2023 highlights: New features, integrations, and templates in Lucidchart

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2023 was quite the year at Lucid! We added a variety of new features, integrations, and templates to help your teams build faster and more efficiently. 

We can’t cover everything that was released throughout the year in this blog post, but we’d love to share some of the highlights with you! 

Let’s take a look.

New features 


This year, we added a handful of new AI capabilities to Lucidchart. 

Summarize ideas

With the summarize ideas feature, you can take a working session and have Collaborative AI quickly generate a summary for you. This is especially helpful for making sure all stakeholders are up to speed on any given project or resource. 

AI Prompt Flow

Using the AI Prompt Flow extension, you can experiment with large language models (LLMs) without leaving your Lucidchart doc. 

Enter your API key to get started. Then, simply add a prompt to a shape and get an automatic response in another shape. 


icon representing project managers

Connect AI Prompt Flow to Lucidchart.

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Lucid Custom GPT

With Lucid Custom GPT, ChatGPT+ users can add a prompt in ChatGPT for anything they’d like to visualize, and the Lucid plugin will automatically diagram it! The diagram is then editable and shareable in Lucidchart. 


Visual Activities 

Also new to the Lucidchart scene this year is Visual Activities. With Visual Activities, you can make informed decisions using interactive activities that turn qualitative feedback into actionable insights. 

Choose from a library of activity templates, ask your team for their input, and get the aggregated results. You can view the average results or responses by team member to see where there’s consensus and where there’s misalignment. 


Diagram keys

A diagram key provides clarity for those viewing your Lucidchart diagrams. It shows what certain colors and shapes mean in your document. 



What’s even better than new Lucidchart features? Being able to pair those features with your other favorite apps! Of course, we already talked about Lucid Custom GPT, but take a look at some of the other integrations we added in 2023.

Confluence Cloud Embedded Links

Add the context of Confluence pages to Lucidchart documents by pasting your Confluence page URL into Lucidchart. Get a preview of Confluence pages and make edits—all without leaving Lucid.


Try out this integration!

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This year, we updated the UI and functionality of our Lucidchart Microsoft integrations. You can add Lucidchart visuals to your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. This helps you add visual context to your documents and build understanding quickly across your team.


Check out all available Lucid Microsoft integrations.

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Custom integrations

Want to make a custom integration for your workflow? We released a variety of new tools for developers this summer, including five new API offerings:

  • External embeds
  • Internal embeds
  • Cards
  • Bidirectional data syncing capabilities 
  • Custom shape libraries

Now you can add the power of visual collaboration to your workflow in a way that uniquely works for you. 


Organizational factors

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Beyond new features and integrations, the Lucid team also released dozens of new Lucidchart templates, including more than 30 Salesforce architecture diagrams. 

Check out some of the most popular new templates:

Product owners and responsibilities 

Better understand the roles of product owners with this easy-to-follow visualization. 

Product owner roles and responsibilities
Product owner roles and responsibilities (click on image to modify online)


Host a tournament for practically anything with this bracket template. Whether it’s with co-workers, family, or friends, this template makes it easy to organize a friendly competition.

Bracket template
Bracket template (click on image to modify online)

Health Cloud intelligent sales

Use this Health Cloud intelligent sales template to document the objects provided with Salesforce Health Cloud and visualize the relationship between entities. 


Health Cloud intelligent sales
Health Cloud intelligent sales (click on image to modify online)

Automotive Cloud data model 

Another template for Salesforce users! Try out this data model if you use the Salesforce Automotive Cloud. 


Automotive Cloud data model
Automotive Cloud data model (click on image to modify online)

Thank you to our users

As you can see, 2023 was a busy one at Lucid, and we couldn’t have done it without our users! Thank you for using our products and inspiring us with all the ways you’re building the future. Here’s to a happy and innovative 2024!


Curious about what else we added to Lucidchart this year? Check out the release notes for a comprehensive list.

See release notes

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