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5 Lucidchart templates for small teams

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At Lucid, we support collaboration for teams of all sizes. Even for small to medium teams (2-50 people), Lucid makes it easy to stay aligned on projects, boost productivity, and communicate effectively.

In fact, a 2023 commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Lucid revealed that a composite organization saved a total of 146,000 hours of follow-up meetings with Lucid, totaling a savings of $2.6 million in asynchronous collaboration efficiencies over three years.

We recently surveyed our Lucid Champions (an exclusive, customer-centered program for Lucid users) about their favorite Lucidchart templates. Let’s take a look at which team templates they use for all things brainstorming, organizing, and planning.

Mind map with colored groups

Visually represent your ideas with a mind map. Make connections between thoughts and retain information more easily. This template includes colored groups to help better organize and identify themes and relationships between ideas. Mind maps are great for taking notes, studying, outlining projects, and brainstorming. 

One of our Lucid Champions, Stacey Roshan, innovative teaching consultant and keynote speaker, explains why she finds this template so helpful:

“Graphic organizers, such as mind maps, the Frayer Model, and Venn diagrams, help students organize the information they are learning for better retention, comprehension, and to facilitate making new connections. The collaboration features available in Lucidchart also make these templates ideal for brainstorming and planning.” 

mind map template
Mind map template (click on image to modify online)

Value proposition canvas

A value proposition canvas is commonly used in product development. It helps teams brainstorm how their product or service meets their customer’s needs, communicate value to users, and align the product or service features with benefits. Use this template with your team to identify ways to improve your product strategy.

Leo Barnes, lead business analyst and UX designer at Ensono Digital, shares that the value proposition canvas is well-designed and easy to use, making it a good starting point for new projects.

“I use it in early meetings with the clients. It helps get everyone on the same page and working collaboratively from the very first meeting.”


value proposition canvas
Value proposition canvas (click on image to modify online)

Flowchart with swimlanes

Flowcharts help us clearly document our processes and understand which department is responsible for performing each task within an organization. This basic flowchart template with swimlanes will help you easily understand simple and complex systems and processes. The swimlanes are there for added visibility of responsibilities, which helps promote cross-functional collaboration, limit bottlenecks, and identify areas for process optimization.

Karen C., digital project manager, likes to use this template as a starting point for mapping out a flow with multiple owners of subprocesses. In fact, she tells us that it's her favorite template for its accessibility to stakeholders.

“As a product manager, I use the flowchart template to model the end-to-end process of a product. I use it to visualize the handoffs and demonstrate the ownership of each department. A working version of this is used to help understand clearly who owns what.”

basic flowchart template with swimlanes
Basic flowchart template with swimlanes (click on image to modify online)

Production flowchart template

Our production flowchart template makes it easier to identify potential bottlenecks within your system and ensure a smooth, predictable workflow. This ultimately helps save your team valuable time and money.

An anonymous Lucid Champion finds that this flowchart template easily maps out the sequence of events for them and their team.

“As a project manager, I often use this document to map out our workflows and processes to better understand how our cross-functional teams collaborate.”

production flowchart template
Production flowchart template (click on image to modify online)

User story map with swimlanes example

A user story map is designed to help teams visualize their products and services from a user perspective, thus, creating a product offering their customers will enjoy. Use swimlanes within the map to easily organize work and assign responsibilities.

One anonymous Lucid Champion uses this template for both deep brainstorming sessions and high-level overviews of projects to keep everyone focused and on task.

“As a PM, I work with our UX team to facilitate brainstorming sessions (I'm a big ideas person) and ensure we're keeping focused on the various types of users.”

User story map
User story map (click on image to modify online)
Organizational factors

How do you collaborate with your team? Share ideas and get inspiration from others in the Lucid Community!

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