Lucidchart Offers Shape Notes and Data Tables

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Lucidchart offers some enhanced productivity features, including tables and notes, that will make your diagrams even more robust. Read on for the details!lucidchart data table feature

Make interactive tables

Our interactive tables make it easy to display data, whether it's created in Lucidchart or copied from a spreadsheet. Use the pop-up menu to insert rows and columns, change the grid style, and mix up the colors.

Add notations to shapes

Want to add more information to a shape? Just right-click and select "Add Note". Comments are designed for collaboration, while these notes are meant for instant viewing. They're always visible on the doc—even in demo mode.

Insert filler text

If you're a designer, you'll appreciate this feature. Add placeholder text to your document by double-clicking a text box and selecting Insert > Fill With Lorem Ipsum. AWS shapes

Improved AWS diagrams

The AWS architecture shape library has been updated! Now users can browse our newly improved categories and access the latest AWS Simple Icons, for a total of 100+ shapes.

Updated Confluence features

Lucidchart's Confluence add-on is more streamlined than ever—users can make a new page and add diagrams in a single step. To access this functionality, create a new page in Confluence and click the Lucidchart icon to insert a desired chart. This feature is only available for Team users; upgrade your account to try the latest updates to our add-on.


Flexible account management

The new billing admin role gives your organization more financial freedom. Now anyone, not just the org admin, can view invoices and manage the team subscription.

Learn how to design a flowchart

Despite their structured format, many flowcharts end up looking sloppy and disorganized. It doesn't have to be that way! Avoid blinding color combos and confusing paths with these flowchart design tips.

Make precision edits in Lucidchart

Lucidchart is outstanding for flowcharts, diagrams, and any other charting and mapping you want to do. And just because it's on the web doesn't mean you can't make precise edits.

Import crisp, scalable graphics

Save custom shapes in a smooth vector format with SVG import. Just click the More Shapes button and select “Import SVG”. Then select a destination library or create a new one. You can even upload multiple files at once by holding Ctrl (Cmd) and clicking each file. laura lippay

"Lucidchart has helped us produce gorgeous work for our clients, helping us help them make the web a better place. I had gone through everything from Visio to Omnigraffle before finding Lucidchart—I’m never looking back." - Laura Lippay, CEO of SEOgadget US. You can read the case study.

alma madsenThe growing complexity of websites and web applications has yielded several new approaches to structuring and maintaining style sheets. Here's what we learned by using Atomic CSS to design our new company website." - Alma Madsen, Senior Engineer at Lucidchart. See the post here.

As always, thank you for choosing Lucidchart. - The Lucid Team

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