Lucidchart Features Visio Stencil Import and Microsoft Word Integration

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We are always finding new ways to innovate and improve our software and much of that inspiration comes directly from user feedback. For some time, we received requests for better Visio and Microsoft Word features and Lucidchart supports both seamlessly.

Visio stencil import

Our users love that we offer the ability to import stencils and shape libraries from Visio into Lucidchart. As with Visio import and export, we are pleased to say that Lucidchart is the first and only web-based application to offer Visio stencil import. This feature represents an entirely new level of flexibility, since users can now import stencils and shapes to fit obscure or specialized use cases. visio import To import the stencils:

  1. Open a document and click on “More Shapes” from the left-hand shape library
  2. Click the “Import” button
  3. Select the desired stencil (.vss or .vsx) from your computer files and upload

A new library will be created in your toolbox with the shapes from the stencil -- simply drag and drop just like any other Lucidchart shape. This feature is available for Pro and Team accounts; if you are currently on another level, we encourage you to upgrade now to try this new functionality. Also, since this feature is in beta, please let us know if you have any feedback.


Microsoft Word 2013 integration

Our integration with Microsoft may surprise some users, but we believe this partnership will only improve the Lucidchart diagramming experience for those who split their time between the cloud and the desktop. Unlike traditional Office plugins, the Lucidchart application is web-based and hosted right inside Microsoft Word 2013. This means that users who install the app will be able to draw new Lucidchart diagrams, or see their existing diagrams and easily import them, all within Word. The Lucidchart app can be found in the Office Store, the new app store from Microsoft, and is free to install and use. Watch the quick overview video to learn more about the integration and how to get started.

Once the Lucidchart app is installed, clicking on the “Apps for Office” button calls up a task pane that shows a list of the user’s Lucidchart documents, which can be selected and inserted into the document. To edit an existing diagram or create a new one, users click on the “edit” or “create” buttons to open Lucidchart in a web browser. If you are using the preview of Office 2013, we would encourage you to install the app today and let us know what you think!

IE10 performance in Lucidchart

When the release of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 came out and we heard some initial reviews of its performance, we were interested to see how IE10 performance stacks up against the current versions of other browsers. Read the recent blog post to see the results of Lucidchart’s internal benchmark. You might be surprised.


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