Communication Diagram Tutorial

What is a Communication Diagram

A communication diagram visually represents the message flow between objects in an application We will first show an example of a communication diagram and then break it down into its individual parts. The notation here uses the same notation as the sequence diagram showing the consistency in UML notation. You can draw your own communication diagram using our free UML software.

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Communication Diagram Example

communication diagram

In this example, we are showing the communication diagram that we were first introduced to in the sequence diagram. We not that some actions are happening concurrently because of the use of letters.

Communication Diagram Symbols and Notation

  • The rectangles represent objects that are needed to make up the application.
  • The lines between class instances represent the relationships between different parts of the application.
  • The arrows represent the messages that are sent between objects.
  • The numbering lets you know in what order the messages are being sent and how many messages are need to finish a process.

Communication Diagram Resources

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