State Machine Diagram

What is State Machine Diagram?

A state machine is anything that can have different states. In many cases when we are talking about states, we are talking about the different states of an object. Complex diagrams can have many different states. In order to better difficult objects, it some times makes sense to make out all the different possible states of an object and how an object gets to that state. The states are the different combinations of information that an object can hold and not how they behave.

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State Diagram Example

state diagram

In this state machine diagram, we are showing the different states of the calendar object from the sequence diagram example where we show the flow of someone setting an event in a calendar.

State Diagram Notation

end state diagram UML - The circle with a dot in it means that a process is terminated.

flow final state diagram - The circle with an "X" in it means that a process is being escaped.

state- The state boxes represent the different states that a machine can be in during a process.

start - A solid black dot represents the start of a process.

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