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If you hear the word “map” and think of buried treasure or exciting destinations, you may be surprised that the term actually refers to any visual that emphasizes relationships between objects, regions, or themes. And concept maps, although they won’t guide you to a physical spot, can guide you to a greater understanding of any subject you’re interested in.

Lucidchart can get you started—take a look at these concept map templates, and customize them to fit complex scientific principles, your company’s brand elements, and anything in between.

Blank concept map template
Simple concept map template
Bubble concept map template
Brand concept map template
Vocabulary concept map template
Nursing concept map template
Water concept map template
Math concept map template
Chemical bonds concept map template
Protein synthesis concept map template
Biology concept map template
Digestive system concept map template
Nervous system concept map template
Pneumonia concept map template
Hypertension concept map template


Blank concept map template

Start with this blank concept map template to chart out any core idea and depict the relationships between different items. Customize the colors, and drag a line out from any shape to make connections and add additional boxes that will build up your concept map.

blank concept map template
Blank Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Simple concept map template

Our concept map software makes it easy to understand complex ideas, but it's also a great tool to bring the simplest concepts to visual life. Try this simple concept map template out for size.

simple concept map template
Simple Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Bubble concept map template

You'll see traditional concept maps drawn out in squares or rectangles. For more variety, use this bubble concept map template to visualize those same concepts and their relationships instead. In Lucidchart, you're not limited to certain types of shapes. Map out a diagram with any and all icons from our extensive shape library or import your own!

bubble concept map template
Bubble Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Brand concept map template

For a business to be successful, it's imperative that all employees has the same understanding of the company brand. Use this brand concept map template we've created (using Lucidchart as an example) and include the elements that make your brand unique. Import your own business logo, change the colors, and most importantly, add the ideas, features, and goals that exemplify your brand.

brand concept map template
Brand Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Vocabulary concept map template

Technical writers, educators, and students will appreciate this concept map template for vocabulary lists. You'll find that learning and memorizing vocabulary lists becomes much easier when you take a visual approach when you use a concept map. Customize this vocabulary concept map with your own vocabulary list.

vocabulary concept map template
Vocabulary Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Nursing concept map template

If you're a nurse, therapist, or specialized health care professional, use a concept map to prioritize and evaluate a specific action plan for a medical scenario. Start with this nursing concept map template, and use as a guide to understand the ways to diagnose, assess, or better evaluate a unique situation in healthcare.

nursing concept map template
Nursing Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Water concept map template

Understand the different states and properties of any element using a concept map. We've already created one for you as an example that explains breaks down the properties and states of water. This water concept map template is a great example to start with. Take this water concept map template, add your own element of choice, and include related characteristics and facts before you share with others.

water concept map template
Water Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Math concept map template

This math concept map template shows divisions of mathematics, including alegbra, calculus, and geometry, so students can easily see the differences. If you work in education, you can adapt this template to show various math courses at your school. Hang it in your classroom or share it with students as a helpful guide.

math concept map template
Math Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Chemical bonds concept map template

If the subject of chemistry leaves you feeling confused (or if your students have been giving you blank stares), try explaining complex scientific processes with a concept map. Use this chemical bonds concept map template as an example and customize with your chemistry concept of choice.

chemical bonds concept map template
Chemical Bonds Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Protein synthesis concept map template

Synthesis is the process of combining two or more compounds to create something new. No matter what synthesis process you need to describe, concept maps can help students visualize the steps involved. Start with this protein synthesis concept map template, and adapt it according to the material you want to share.

protein synthesis concept map template
Protein Synthesis Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Biology concept map template

As you explain any topic within the field of biology, consider using a concept map. This biology concept map template shares the relationships and ideas that factor into the study of biodiversity, but you can easily customize it to apply to any concept, including anatomy, molecular biology, evolution, or ecology.

biology concept map template
Biology Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Digestive system concept map template

We've shared how Lucidchart concept map templates can show specific systems and processes in health and science, and this digestive system concept map template is no exception. Use a concept map to better understand and memorize any of the 11 major systems in the human body.

digestive system concept map template
Digestive System Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Nervous system concept map template

Similar to the template above, this concept map template details the human nervous system. With this nervous system concept map template, you can offer an interactive experience and add links or specific images to give viewers a more visual understanding of the concept.

nervous system concept map template
Nervous System Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Pneumonia concept map template

Concept maps can help you understand all aspects of a specific disease or disorder, including symptoms, causes, processes to diagnose, and treatment. Whether you're studying medicine, taking a first-aid course, or trying to understand a condition you've been diagnosed with, display the concepts visually to gain a better understanding. Use this pneumonia concept map template as an example and customize it to your subject.

pneumonia concept map template
Pneumonia Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Hypertension concept map template

Update this hypertension concept map template to show concepts related to any ailment or disorder you would like to learn more about. Change up the fonts and colors or add links or imported images to offer a visual deep dive.

hypertension concept map template
Hypertension Concept Map Template (Click on image to modify online)

Didn’t find the subject you needed? Check out our full library of concept map templates, or we can show you how to make a concept map from scratch.

How to add a concept map in Google Docs

Once you've created a concept map, you can easily share it with others—even those who don't use Lucidchart—by adding your diagram to Google Docs. Our Lucidchart add-on makes it simple to insert diagrams and update them with one click. Send around a brand concept map to make sure your marketing team uses consistent messaging or attach a protein synthesis concept map to help a classmate out.

How to add a concept map in Word

Visuals can add life into reports and other documents, but unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and a few grey hairs to create a polished concept map in Microsoft Word. Never fear—with the Lucidchart add-in, you can easily insert professional diagrams from your account into your word document. Leave the words to Word, and leave the visuals to Lucidchart.

How to add a concept map in PowerPoint

Make a concept map part of your next class or corporate presentation. Download the Lucidchart add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, add visuals to your slides, and wow your audience!

Visualize any concept to understand it faster and retain information more effectively. Sign up for your free Lucidchart account to build a concept map today!


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