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Network diagram templates and examples

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Network diagrams can become quite complex, but building them doesn’t have to be when you use Lucidchart.

Whether you’re a responsible employee documenting your system for troubleshooting down the road or demonstrating security compliance (we’ll assume you’re always a responsible employee), you can get started in seconds with one of the network diagram templates below.

Simple network diagram template
Sample network diagram template
AWS architecture network diagram template
Azure architecture diagram template
GCP architecture diagram template
Bus topology network diagram template
LAN network diagram template
WAN network diagram template
Internet network diagram template
Wireless network diagram template
Home network diagram template
Security network diagram template
Logical network diagram template
Server network diagram template

Simple network diagram template

If you just need a high-level overview of your network, start with this simple network diagram template. Our network diagram software includes a vast library of related shapes, so you can expand your network diagram as needed. You can also import any additional network shapes that might be useful to display for your network's unique interactions.

simple network diagram template
Simple Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

Sample network diagram template

No matter your experience with network diagrams, if you want to map out a full network, use this sample network diagram template and add the custom shapes and devices to represent each entity that interacts with your network. Drag and drop shapes from our network diagram shape library, and when you're finished, you can publish or share your diagram with everyone to reference.

sample network diagram template
Sample Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

AWS architecture network diagram template 

Try this AWS architecture network diagram template to map out your AWS network when transitioning to the cloud, meeting PCI compliance, or creating a visual reference for team members. Save time and use Lucidchart Cloud Insights to build your AWS architecture diagram automatically.

AWS network diagram template
AWS basic PCI compliance (Click on image to modify online)

Azure architecture diagram template 

Do you use Azure for your cloud infrastructure? Try templates using our Azure architecture diagram tool and visualize your cloud environment so you can troubleshoot problems, document compliance, and understand your current and future states of your architecture. Use Azure icons in Lucidchart to build your architecture diagrams from the ground up.

Azure network diagram template
Azure hybrid cloud via VPN (Click on image to modify online)

GCP architecture diagram template

Keep accurate documentation of your GCP cloud environment with a template using our GCP architecture diagram software. Whether your organization is transitioning to the cloud or looking for ways to track changes to network architecture, Lucidchart comes equipped with Google Cloud icons to make your job easy.


GCP network diagram template
GCP network diagram (Click on image to modify online)

Bus topology network diagram template

One of the easiest network topology options is a bus network topology diagram. By starting with a central medium, you can then connect all the nodes and entities that function along the same "bus," or backbone of the network. Try this bus topology network diagram template and customize it for your network scenario.

bus topology network diagram template
Bus Topology Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)


LAN network diagram template

IT professionals find LAN network diagrams most useful for outlining the ways different components interact with each other. If you need to map out the network infrastructure of a smaller local area, use this LAN network diagram template. It's free when you sign up, and it can be useful when shared company-wide to answer related network questions.

lan network diagram template
LAN Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

WAN network diagram template

Use this WAN network diagram template to map out a computer network that might cover wide geographical areas. If your network extends into multiple states or even countries, start with this WAN network diagram template to easily visualize how each component interacts and operates.

wan network diagram template
WAN Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

Internet network diagram template

Different devices might require different processes to connect to the Internet. Use this Internet network diagram template to chart out the unique interactions between various devices and keep your Internet connections running smoothly at your company.

internet network diagram template
Internet Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

Wireless network diagram template

This wireless network diagram template already showcases how various devices connect to a wireless network. Use this network diagram template as a starting point and remove excess devices or add more. Then share it for future reference.

wireless network diagram template
Wireless Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

Home network diagram template

The office isn't the only place where you might experience problems with network connectivity. A home network diagram will help you understand how your home devices, like laptops, WiFi routers, and VoIP phones, connect and better prepare you to troubleshoot any issues. Try out this home network diagram template for free!

home network diagram template
Home Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

Security network diagram template

One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of your network security system is by mapping it out. With this network security diagram template, you can better visualize how devices interact to identify and improve weak points, demonstrate security compliance, and ultimately protect your data.

security network diagram template
Security Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

Logical network diagram template

Logical network diagrams describe how information flows through a network, as opposed to physical network diagrams that show how networking devices connect with wires and cables. Try this logical network diagram template to optimize your network—just customize the template to add your own subnets, routing protocols, and network devices.

logical network diagram template
Logical Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

Server network diagram template

Try this server network diagram template to map out your servers and the way various components interact with users and their data. This template is ideal for IT teams trying to gain or share a better understanding of how the servers perform at a company.

server network diagram template
Server Network Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

If you didn’t find a template that matches your project, use one of our network diagram templates.

Want to learn more about network diagrams before you get started? We’ve pulled together some helpful resources for you to check out.

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