Hybrid workforce

How to overcome hybrid workforce challenges

Reading time: about 8 min

In this blog post, we will explain the pros and cons of hybrid work, along with how to overcome certain challenges with hybrid team collaboration.

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hybrid workplace

What makes an effective hybrid workplace?

Reading time: about 10 min

In this blog post, we will explore the components of an effective hybrid workplace, and which tools can enhance your team collaboration.


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stakeholder issues

How to manage common stakeholder issues and challenges

Reading time: about 6 min

In this blog post, you will learn how to reduce project complications, and how to manage stakeholders.

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Salesforce shape library

Introducing Salesforce shape library and templates in Lucidchart

Reading time: about 2 min

We’re excited to partner with Salesforce and offer a customized shape library to help you design and visualize your Salesforce architecture in Lucidchart.

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team collaboration tools

Fair-for-all collaboration apps for the hybrid workplace

Reading time: about 5 min

In this blog post, we’ll unpack the challenges for hybrid teams, and which apps can help improve your team's collaboration.

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