Best of HR and people management

Leverage employee and team strengths with these top tips.

  • Aligning human resources and business strategy

    Few departments have a better bird’s-eye view of the entire organization than human resources. Learn what part human resources plays in the strategic planning process and how HR professionals can align their goals with the overall company strategy.

  • What does HR actually do? 11 key responsibilities

    Everyone knows that HR is an important department in your organization, but few employees know why. Read our in-depth description of what the HR department does (or what they should be doing) to meet the needs of employees.

  • Using the ADKAR change management model

    The ADKAR change model has been proven to help individuals understand change so companies can successfully innovate. Learn what ADKAR is and how to implement it.

  • 5 steps to include in the company reorganization process

    A company reorganization process requires sensitivity, strategy, and foresight. Include these 5 steps when planning a successful company restructure strategy.

  • The resignation process: What to do when employees leave

    It is inevitable that employees will come and go. Learn ways to develop a consistent employee exit procedure so employees, managers, HR representatives, and IT specialists know what needs to be done for a successful transition.

  • A step-by-step guide to the PDP process

    The performance development planning (PDP) process reduces the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of the traditional annual review process and empowers employees and managers to take a proactive approach to performance management. Learn more!

  • How to implement change with Kotter’s 8-step change model

    Learn all about Kotter's 8-step change model, including how to successfully implement it to get buy-in and make new or adapted processes stick.

  • The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model: How to measure training effectiveness

    Are your employee training programs effective? See how the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model can help you design and measure programs to meet your employees' needs.

  • 4 steps to strategic human resource planning

    Many CEOs believe that their employees are the most important factor in their company’s economic success, so if you want to succeed, find and keep the best talent. Learn how to develop your strategic human resource plan.

  • How to build a recruitment process

    The success of your organization depends on the people you choose to build it. Learn how you can visualize your recruitment process and hire top talent.

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