IT and Engineering

Explore insights to empower your engineering team through intelligent diagramming.

  • How to visualize your branching strategy

    In this article, we’ll cover what a branching strategy is and how you can visualize the strategy to effectively understand and implement it across your DevOps team.  


    • IT and Engineering
  • Introducing Lucidscale to the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

    Lucid is pleased to announce the addition of a third product to its visual collaboration suite: Lucidscale, a cloud visualization solution where organizations can see, understand, and optimize their cloud environment.

  • A quick guide to business capability maps

    In this article we’ll focus on business capability maps—a type of map that gives businesses clarity into what they do instead of how they do it.  

  • Introduction to class diagrams

    This article will give an introduction to class diagrams, how to create them, along with some useful tips.

  • How system visualization is changing the future for businesses

    In this post, you’ll discover what system visualization is, trends in engineering, and lots more. You don’t want to miss this.

  • An introduction to data mapping

    In this post, we will give an introduction to data mapping, explain the benefits and why it is important, and provide the tools you need to get started.

  • How to set up a hybrid cloud approach

    In this blog post, we’ll investigate the basics of cloud architecture, the different approaches, and how to set up a hybrid cloud strategy yourself. You won’t want to skip this.   

  • How to set up a multi-cloud approach

    In this article, we’ll dive into how to approach and set up your own multi-cloud environment.

  • What does scalability mean for systems and services?

    In this post, we’ll define scalability patterns and take a closer look at what common scalability patterns look like.

  • Let’s talk about API testing

    This blog should review the basics of API testing, the most common reasons for API testing, how to begin testing, the differences between automated v. manual testing, and best practices

  • How to build an API

    In this blog post, you’ll discover the three primary types of APIs and their benefits along with 6 steps to build your own.

  • What are software anti-patterns?

    In this article, we describe several anti-patterns, explain what causes them, and outline steps to avoid them.  

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