Top diagram types

Learn how to use diagrams for every use case.

  • 10 types of organizational structures (+ org charts for implementation)

    The typical org chart looks like a pyramid, but not every company functions along a hierarchical organizational structure. Let’s go through the 10 common types of org structures and reasons why you might consider each of them.

  • Data flow diagram examples, symbols, types, and tips

    Whether you are improving an existing process or implementing a new one, data flow diagrams can make your task easier—learn how with this guide.

  • How to draw 5 types of architectural diagrams

    Let’s discuss the different types of architectural diagrams and the purpose that each serves.

  • How to Make a User Flow Diagram

    User flow diagrams can help you understand how users currently move through your website or app—or how they should—so you can get them to convert. Learn how to make a user flow diagram now.

  • How to make a family tree chart

    Want to gain some insight into who you are and where you come from? Create a family tree to record the people, places, and events that make up your family history. Learn how to make a family tree chart in a few easy steps.

  • Matrix diagrams: What they are and how to use them

    Matrix diagrams help project managers visualize and evaluate complex relationships so they can make better decisions and keep projects on track. Learn how to create your own (includes free matrix chart templates)!

  • Types of UML Diagrams

    Want to start using UML for technical documentation? This article will introduce (or give you a refresher) on the different UML diagram types, as well as provide UML examples that you can open and edit in Lucidchart.

  • How to get the most out of your AWS architecture diagrams

    Visualize your AWS network with an AWS architecture diagram. See why companies around the world use AWS and how Lucidchart simplifies the process of architecting, building, and running applications that use AWS technology. 

  • What is a service blueprint?: Designing a seamless service process

    Service blueprints help you design your service process so you'll able to innovate and make changes that boost customer satisfaction. Read about this diagram and see how Lucidchart can get you going with service blueprint examples and templates.

  • 9 essential business analysis models for the BA’s toolbox

    A great business analyst is armed with a toolbox of visual modeling techniques to help them drive successful project outcomes. In this article, you'll find nine of the best techniques, including process flows and SWOT analysis diagrams.

  • How to make a concept map

    You can use concept maps to prepare for your next big exam or business meeting. Follow this guide to learn how to build a concept map.

  • Venn diagram symbols explained

    This guide will walk you through the process of making a mathematical Venn diagram, explaining all the important symbols along the way. Learn more!

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