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UML Use Case Diagram Tutorial

If you're looking for a UML use case diagram tutorial, this guide will walk you through each step with illustrated examples.

What is a Use Case Diagram in UML?

Have you ever wondered, "What is a use case diagram in UML?" Use case diagrams represent how a user or group of users interacts with a system. To learn more, see this comprehensive guide.

Use Case Specification - Example and Template (UML)

Are you looking for a use case specification example and template? Lucidchart can help you create a professional-quality written document or a chart!

Use Case Description - Example and Template (UML)

If you need a use case description example and template for a software development project, this is the page for you. Try an editable Lucidchart UML template today.

Use Case Scenario - Example and Template (UML)

A written use case scenario example and template is a supplement to the diagram portion of a use case. Lucidchart has text editing and diagramming capabilities, all from your browser!

How to Draw a Use Case Diagram in UML

Are you wondering how to draw a use case diagram in UML? Follow these steps to get started with a simple Lucidchart use case diagram. It’s easy to then download or print the final product.