Visualize business requirements and processes

See how Lucidchart can help you define the needs of your organization and clearly communicate solutions that deliver value to key stakeholders.

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browserbarMapping out as-is and to-be processes

Once you gather business requirements, Lucidchart can help you easily model as-is and to-be states to define business architecture and capabilities and further clarify business needs. Map out process improvements to standardize and optimize existing workflows.

browserbarGet buy-in from stakeholders

Align your organization—Lucidchart is the clearest way to communicate existing business systems and possible solutions to decision-makers and stakeholders. Collaborators will always have access to the latest version of the diagram, but they can see changes and comments from other users so everyone can collaborate in real time.

browserbarCommunicate a plan for deployment

Use Lucidchart to communicate a plan for deploying and executing optimized processes. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to share or export easy-to-digest visuals to those implementing the process.

browserbarCreate a single source of truth

Lucidchart can become the centralized location for process flows and other documentation. Share your visuals directly in Lucidchart or integrate with leading apps, such as G Suite and Confluence, to reference for future projects or continuous optimization.

I use Lucidchart rather than having everybody sit around a table, shoving a sheet of paper in front of them, saying, ‘Write down what you want to change,’ then taking all of their feedback, putting it into a diagram, and coming back a week later only to have everybody say, ‘No, no, that’s not right.’ Instead, I can put Lucidchart on a projector in a conference room, listen to feedback, and put the whole process together right there in a matter of 20 minutes.
Steve Groff, Process Engineer at Delta Airlines