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Empower your team with proven tactics for successful plans.

  • How to implement new work processes successfully

    You've put a lot of work into analyzing and improving your processes, but all that work is for naught if people don't adopt the new standard. Create a plan to implement new processes and get employees on board from the start.

  • The 5 processes of ITIL service strategy

    Service strategy helps organizations determine the types of services they should offer and the markets to target. Learn more about the five processes within the service strategy lifecycle stage to drive long-term growth and success. 

  • 8 Steps of the benchmarking process

    How does a company determine whether it is successful? Through the benchmarking process, any business can compare itself against a standard and develop a consistent way of measuring performance. See how.

  • What are the 7 basic quality tools, and how can they change your business for the better?

    No matter what methodology you use or what industry you serve, the seven basic tools of quality can help you continuously improve your processes. Learn about these quality management tools and find templates to start using them quickly.

  • 8 Total Quality Management principles to improve processes

    Whether your organization has just decided to incorporate TQM, or you want to see whether this methodology can help you improve production, learn more about Total Quality Management principles and TQM techniques to use now.

  • 6 essential steps in the procurement process flow

    Streamline purchases throughout your company with a proper procurement process flow. This article will explain the six steps of the procurement process and show how visualization can help your business create and implement this process.

  • 5 steps to a successful release management process

    To prevent costly delays and keep your organization’s operations running, you need to invest in a robust release management process. Learn the five steps to planning your release management process.

  • The basics of documenting and analyzing your as-is process

    Learn more about documenting your as-is process. Studying your current state helps organizations document, track, and optimize processes for better performance, greater efficiency, and improved outcomes.

  • A complete guide to the risk assessment process

    Identify and prepare for potential risks in your workplace. This article explains what the risk assessment process is and how you can start your own in five simple steps (including free templates!).

  • What is gap analysis? 4 steps and examples to use

    A strong gap analysis process allows professionals to determine where their businesses are—and where they want it to be. To perform a gap analysis, follow these four simple steps.

  • 7 steps of the decision-making process

    Prevent hasty decision-making and make more educated decisions when you put a formal decision-making process in place for your business.

  • Definition and examples of the consumer decision-making process

    Review these steps of the consumer decision-making process and put yourself in the customer’s shoes to make an impact with your sales or marketing.

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