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Process Map Templates and Examples

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There are plenty of reasons to map out a process: to train new employees, to analyze your process and trim unnecessary steps, to demonstrate policy compliance during an audit, to standardize workflows in order to scale your business.

Whatever your reason, show—don’t tell—the steps of your workflow with a process map. Process mapping will help others understand and remember the process more easily, and it’ll bring to light places where you can make the process more efficient.

Create a professional visual in no time with our process map templates below.

Want to learn more about process maps before you get started? Learn how to make a process map, or see our complete list of process map symbols.

Supply chain process map template
Business process map template
Level 1 process map template
High-level process map template
Detailed process map template
ITIL process map template
Six Sigma process map template
Project management process map template
Sales process map template
IT process map template
Swimlane process map template


Supply chain process map template

Use this supply chain process map template to detail each step in the production flow, from initial orders to manufacturing to sales and even returns. When you use a supply chain process map, you can identify areas for potential optimizations or simply share these processes company-wide.

supply chain process map template
Supply Chain Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Business process map template

As your business begins to grow, it's important that everyone on your team understands current best practices and follows the same business process model to uphold consistency. When you sign up for our process mapping software, you can customize this business process map template with your own specific steps and share it with your staff.

business process map template
Business Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Level 1 process map template

Different circumstances will require you to share your process in different levels of detail. This level 1 process map template includes less detail, perfect for stakeholders or team members who simply need an overview of the process. Open the template and build out your processes that overlap multiple departments.

Level 1 process map template
Level 1 Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


High-level process map template

A high-level process map outlines broader processes and objectives of an organization between multiple departments. You can customize this high-level process map template and add your specific departments and their objectives to start. Then consider building out detailed process maps for each individual process for that department specifically.

high-level process map template
High-Level Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Detailed process map template

While the high-level process map shares broader objectives in a process, a detailed process map can show each technical step required in a process flow. This is your deep dive into the process. Use this detailed process map template and customize it with your own steps to better analyze and understand every aspect of a specific process.

detailed process map template
Detailed Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


ITIL process map template

IT managers use a map of an information technology infrastructure library, or an ITIL process map, to standardize and optimize the processes for providing tech support. By specifying processes that occur inside and outside an IT organization with this ITIL process map template, you'll be able to better support your IT team members and establish consistency.

ITIL process map template
ITIL Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Six Sigma process map template

Unless you're already a certified expert, you might want to learn about the Six Sigma methodology before using this template. When you're ready, customize this Six Sigma methodology process map template to address defects and develop more efficient processes.

Six Sigma process map template
Six Sigma Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Project management process map template

If you're a project manager, you're going to find this project management process map template useful. Tailor this process map template to include all the necessary steps to achieve your desired outcome on a project and share it with others involved in those processes, so not a single element is lost or overlooked.

project management process map template
Project Management Mind Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Sales process map template

Every sales department at every company has its own specific processes for closing a lead or addressing a ticket. Whatever the process, use this sales process map template to standardize the steps that lead to closed-won. Share the process with your entire sales org or use Lucidchart integrations to embed the process flow into the apps you already use.

sales process map template
Sales Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


IT process map template

Want to know how to fulfill IT requests most efficiently? Start with this IT process map template and update the lanes with teams or individuals involved in your process. Update the shapes and actions based on the processes you run, and you'll have created a clear visual that your entire company can follow.

IT process map template
IT Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)


Swimlane process map template

A swimlane process map is the perfect method to map out various steps and delineate responsibilities between roles and departments. Use this swimlane process diagram template and add or remove lanes to include the departments or segments specific to your process flow.

swimlane process map template
Swimlane Process Map Template (Click on image to modify online)

Check out our complete gallery of process map templates.

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