Project management and Agile basics

Achieve project success through optimized management strategies and streamlined Agile planning.

  • How to manage common stakeholder issues and challenges

    In this blog post, you will learn how to reduce project complications, and how to manage stakeholders.

  • How to estimate sprint velocity for better Agile planning

    Learn how to determine your team’s sprint velocity, and use it to accurately estimate the amount of work that your team can complete in each sprint.

  • Using the Fibonacci scale in Agile estimation

    In this article, you’ll learn what the Fibonacci sequence is and how you can apply it to Agile estimations.

  • How to run a sprint planning meeting

    In this article, we'll detail how to best prepare for and execute an effective sprint planning meeting, ensuring that your team can collaborate and plan as needed to lay the groundwork for a productive and rewarding sprint.

  • Understanding the tiger team approach

    Big problems don’t always need big teams to solve them. In fact, small, agile teams of experts are often the key to solving your biggest issues. Consider forming a tiger team to get in, get out, and get your business back on track.

  • How to Develop a Stellar Scrum Product Backlog

    A scrum product backlog lists the items that are “on deck” for the development team—it helps you see what’s coming up so your team can plan and work quickly to release new features. Learn how to use this agile tool.

  • Get it done: Nailing the project management closure process

    Closing out a project isn’t just a matter of executing deliverables—it ensures that all loose ends are tied and gives you the opportunity to review and elevate a project's success. Learn 7 steps to navigate the project management closure process.

  • The roles and responsibilities of a Scrum master

    Are you considering becoming a Scrum master? In this article, learn more about Scrum master skills, the role, and responsibilities.

  • Top 6 reasons why project management is important

    Project management is more than tracking deadlines—it can help your org meet deadlines and quality requirements in a world where 50% of projects fail.

  • How to create a project management communication plan

    Learn how to create a communication plan for project management and how this documentation can benefit your team and stakeholders. This article includes best practices and communication plan templates!

  • 6 key product owner responsibilities

    Product owners wear several hats in order to maximize the value of the products created by Scrum teams. Review six key product owner responsibilities and what tools you can use to fulfill them.

  • 4 phases of rapid application development methodology

    Rapid application development (RAD), an agile project management strategy, offers fast project turnaround in fast-paced environments like software development. Learn more about RAD methodology and its benefits.

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