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Take a minute and remember your first day at a new job. How did you feel? Nervous? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Starting a new job comes with many challenges and much to learn, especially for software engineers. Not only are there the usual names and faces to remember, but also a mountain of code to unravel and a new work process to master. Fortunately, with Lucidchart, onboarding software engineers is relatively painless and can have your new hires up to speed in no time.

Here are three ways you can use Lucidchart to expedite your onboarding process.

1. Create an org chart.

After you introduce your team in person, give your new hires a cheat sheet to help them remember their new coworkers. In Lucidchart, you can quickly create an org chart by dragging and dropping boxes manually, using text markup, or importing a .csv file.

org chart maker

Customize it to include pictures, job titles, and areas of expertise. This way, new engineers will always know who to turn to with their questions.

org chart for onboarding software engineers

2. Use a diagram to walk through the code.

Have your engineers familiarize themselves with the code by jumping right into it. This may be a daunting prospect for some, but if you provide a diagram to help them follow along, your engineers will be able to get through their onboarding more quickly and with a better idea of how the code works.

code flowchart for onboarding software engineers

The biggest challenge is often creating an accurate diagram of your code and keeping it up to date. Fortunately, Lucidchart is cloud-based and allows multiple participants to edit documents simultaneously. This means that any time your team makes a change to the code base, they can document it on the master chart without having to worry about finding the most updated version or being overwritten by a coworker. Documentation is not only possible, it’s easy, and your new hires will thank you later.

3. Explain your team’s process with a flowchart.

Every organization has a different way of doing things, so starting a new job means learning a new process. You can relieve a lot of anxiety for your new engineers by making it clear what your expectations are. Create a flowchart that demonstrates your basic workflow. As needed, use hotspots to link to separate pages within the same document and elaborate upon the details of a sub-process. Your engineers will save a lot of time if they don’t have to wonder what they are supposed to do next.

process flowchart for onboarding software engineers

Store diagrams in a central place.

Now that you have a library of onboarding documents, store them all in a central location. Lucidchart integrates with Confluence, G Suite, Microsoft, and Dropbox, so you can save them wherever your team works most. From now on, onboarding software engineers will be the least of your worries and theirs.