ConceptDraw vs Lucidchart

Stay away from outdated desktop software like ConceptDraw and instead find limitless diagramming potential with cloud-based Lucidchart.

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Diagramming software that won’t hold you back

  1. Cloud-based functionality for constant access to your work

    With Lucidchart, you never have to worry about outdated versions, lost files, or constant downloads—and you can use our offline mode to work without Internet access. ConceptDraw is only available on desktop, limiting users to dated features and restrictive diagramming.

  2. Advanced features for fast, easy diagramming

    ConceptDraw makes it difficult to do more than simple diagramming. With Lucidchart, you get access to advanced features like automated diagramming, data linking, conditional formatting, and so much more to create the customized visuals you need.

  3. Real-time collaboration that keeps teams connected

    Lucidchart allows you to work with collaborators in the same document at the same time. You can also use @mention notifications and in-editor chat to make sure you’re on top of updates. ConceptDraw’s outdated desktop software limits collaboration.

  4. Integrations with today’s most popular platforms

    ConceptDraw offers few opportunities to connect with other applications. Lucidchart offers more than 20 integrations with industry-leading applications like G Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, Zapier, and more.

  5. Mobile app support that goes where you go

    With Lucidchart, your work is always a click away—you can work from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device, regardless of which operating system you use. ConceptDraw requires users to work from the desktop.

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Get started with a template

Our template gallery houses 1000+ templates for users to select and customize. Our templates include flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, and other diagrams to get you started as you map out processes, brainstorm with collaborators, or create visuals for stakeholders. The gallery even includes examples of how you can apply Lucidchart to different roles within your organization.

lucidchart vs conceptdraw

Insert your work into apps you already use

Lucidchart makes it easy to insert your diagrams directly into your team’s favorite applications. With more than 20 in-house and partner integrations, you can quickly share your documents and collect feedback using collaborative platforms like G Suite, Microsoft Office, Jira, Atlassian, and Slack. Lucidchart also gives you the chance to import and visualize data from Salesforce, Zapier, BambooHR, and other sources. 

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Share, publish, and embed your work anywhere

Get everyone on the same page when you create professional presentations within Lucidchart.
Use presentation mode or embed your diagram into Google Slides or PowerPoint. Lucidchart also lets you embed your work into any social media post or website with auto-generated links. Additionally, you can publish your work in PDF, JPEG, PNG, and a variety of other file types.

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Link your data to your diagrams

Our data linking feature gives you the power to visualize your data in the context of your processes and systems. You can simply import your data from an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, or Google Sheets, saving you the hassle of manually entering individual data points, and use conditional formatting to highlight specific data or denote project status. Lucidchart will update your diagram as you make changes to your data set. 

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