Lucidchart vs. EdrawMax

Compare Wondershare’s EdrawMax diagram software with Lucidchart, the intelligent diagramming application. See how Lucidchart beats EdrawMax on advanced diagramming and more.

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Why teams choose Lucidchart

Web-based for flexible access

Web-based for flexible access

As a web-based application, Lucidchart is compatible with any operating system or device—desktop, tablet, or mobile. It requires no downloads, so you’re always using the latest version. The desktop version of EdrawMax requires downloads and manual updates. It’s unclear if EdrawMax Online offers the same capabilities as the desktop version.

Data and automation for advanced diagramming

Data and automation for advanced diagramming

With features that support intelligent visualizations, Lucidchart gives you the power to build diagrams that transform complex data into actionable insights. For example, you can apply formulas for calculations, import data to generate diagrams automatically, or use data linking to add live data to visuals. EdrawMax doesn’t support this level of complexity.

Built for real-time collaboration

Built for real-time collaboration

Lucidchart boosts collaboration by allowing teams to build, edit, and comment on diagrams simultaneously from the cloud. EdrawMax’s collaborative functionality is limited to uploading and sharing in a team cloud. It also lacks Lucidchart’s advanced sharing features, such as the ability to invite collaborators with a Join ID.

More integrations to streamline your work

More integrations to streamline your work

Like EdrawMax, Lucidchart integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive—but that’s where integrations with EdrawMax end. Lucidchart allows you to connect seamlessly with over 60 additional apps, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, and tools for specialized use cases, such as BambooHR, Figma, LeanIX, Salesforce, and more.

"That’s what makes Lucidchart great. It’s real time, and it’s in the cloud. Three teams can be updating it at once.”

Jen Zagofsky - Senior Director of Program Management at DocuSign

“I think organizations realize that Lucidchart is the tool of choice because of its visual modeling, layering, math functions, and collaboration capabilities. Nothing comes close.”

Dennis Jones - Agile Coach

“The biggest benefit of Lucidchart is being able to share and work on diagrams in real time as a group.”

Matthew Wolber - Director of IT Infrastructure at Bandwidth

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