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How Lucidchart outperforms Bizagi

  1. Cloud-based software that operates wherever you do

    Unlike Bizagi, which is only available on Windows, Lucidchart is on the cloud, so you can use it with any operating system, anywhere. Say goodbye to downloads, installations, and outdated software. 

  2. Intuitive tools that are quick and easy to use

    Lucidchart’s intuitive drag-and-drop features makes building any diagram a cinch. Simply drag out shapes from our many shape libraries, quickly add lines, or change the color and style with just one click.

  3. Collaboration that works

    Working together becomes a reality with Lucidchart’s cloud-based platform. Work in real time on the same document with your colleagues, leave comments on the diagram, and use the document’s chat feature––all of which is impossible in a desktop software like Bizagi.

  4. Diagramming that goes beyond process maps

    Bizagi supports BPMN diagramming and process mapping—but that’s it. With Lucidchart, you get that and much more. Create project timelines embedded with data, UML diagrams, ERDs, wireframes, concept maps, and more. 

  5. Integrations with industry-leading apps

    Easily connect to all your favorite apps with Lucidchart’s integrations. G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Zapier, Atlassian, Salesforce, LinkedIn, AWS––we’ve got them all and more. With Bizagi, you’re limited to their environment and have only a few connections to other software. 

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bizagi vs lucidchart

Choose from hundreds of templates

From BPMN diagrams to org charts to dashboards, Lucidchart has a comprehensive template gallery with hundreds of templates for all diagram types. It’s easy to navigate and find what you need in our template gallery––just scroll through thumbnails of each diagram or use the search bar. You can completely customize any template you open, or use the curated shapes and styles for a clean, professional diagram. With new templates added every week by a dedicated team of template specialists, our selection is only getting richer.

lucidchart vs bizagi

Link to your live data

Visualize your data to make sense of larger sets of data, track performance, and communicate with stakeholders. Keep your diagrams up to date with Lucidchart’s data linking feature. You can import live data from Excel, Google Sheets, CSVs, Zapier, and more. Connect your diagrams to live data, and they’ll automatically update when that data is changed, so you’ll always stay on top of changes. 

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Track document changes with revision history

Never worry about losing your work or others making changes that can’t be undone. With revision history, you can track the changes made over time and even see who made the change. If you accidentally delete part of your diagram or you need to go back to a previous version, there’s no need to panic because Lucidchart saves a full history of changes made in all documents. 

lucidchart bizagi comparison

Create any diagram with our shape libraries

Explore the hundreds of shapes that come standard in Lucidchart. Build out your network architecture using standard AWS, GCP, and Azure shapes. Use our org chart shapes to easily visualize your org structure and add in employee information. Mock up your website design with our UI shapes. And if you just need a basic flowchart with swimlanes, we’ve got those shapes, too. In addition to our wide variety of pre-made shape libraries, Lucidchart makes it easy for you to create your own custom shape libraries with imported or custom shapes.

bizagi vs lucidchart

Drive solutions and stay secure with our Enterprise functionality

Increase security and manage user accounts while enjoying full access to advanced features with an Enterprise subscription. Protect your company’s privacy and manage your team’s account settings with our easy admin controls, SAML and SCIM integrations, and domain control. You’ll also never have to worry about losing access to important files when an employee leaves your company with document retention.

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Jonathan M. – Director, Salesforce Architecture | November 22, 2016

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