Visme vs Lucidchart

Our easy-to-use yet powerful visual workspace goes beyond Visme’s presentation building capabilities.

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How Lucidchart surpasses Visme’s presentation software

  1. Built to create dynamic, professional-quality diagrams

    Visme is great for building presentations—however, it’s not a viable diagramming option. Lucidchart is built to create detailed visuals such as org charts, network diagrams, flowcharts, and much more.

  2. Complex visuals made easy

    Even the most complex diagrams are easy to build with Lucidchart’s grid canvas, drag-and-drop functionality, and industry-standard shape libraries. Visme can be time-consuming and frustrating with restrictive templates and tedious formatting.

  3. Integrations with industry-leading apps

    Visme’s list of integrations is limited to Microsoft Excel and a few others. Lucidchart offers integrations with today’s most popular apps, including G Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, Jira, and more.

  4. Support where and when you need it

    Lucidchart’s mobile app for iOS and Android devices lets you create, edit, and share your work from any smartphone or tablet. Visme’s functionality is limited to the desktop.

Start diagramming with Lucidchart

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Features to get you creating, analyzing, and sharing

lucidchart template gallery

Customize one of our templates

Lucidchart’s extensive template library makes it easy to start diagramming quickly and easily. With hundreds of customizable templates to choose from, you can create flowcharts, org charts, and mind maps that meet your exact specifications. Our template specialists add new templates every day, giving you more options than ever.

presentation mode lucidchart

Present your work from anywhere

Present your diagrams quickly and professionally with Lucidchart’s in-editor presentation mode. Easily toggle back and forth between your presentation and your canvas to update your diagram as needed. If you prefer, import your presentation to Google Slides or PowerPoint for more flexible sharing options.

lucidchart data linking feature

Stay connected to your data

With Lucidchart’s data linking feature, you can import all of your live data from Excel, Google Sheets, Zapier, Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and more. Your diagram will update automatically as changes are made to your data sets, so your diagram always reflects your most up-to-date information.

share lucidchart diagrams

Email, embed, and import in seconds

We make it easy to publish, print, or share your Lucidchart diagrams without ever leaving Lucidchart. Use our powerful integrations and automatically generated published URLs to email, embed, or export your document virtually anywhere. 

Frequently asked questions about Lucidchart

How do I create my first diagram in Lucidchart?

You can easily create your first diagram in Lucidchart using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and diagram-specific shape libraries. See our Getting Started Guide for more info!

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How can I build a flowchart in Lucidchart?

You can create a basic flowchart in Lucidchart using the flowchart shape library. Simply drag and drop shapes onto the canvas, and then link them with connecting lines.

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What is the best tool for creating org charts?

Create org charts easily in Lucidchart. Import your data from any CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets file to generate an org chart with your up-to-date employee information.

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What data sources are supported with Lucidchart’s data linking tool?

You can link data to Lucidchart diagrams using Google Sheets, CSVs, or Excel spreadsheets. Once linked, changes made to your data will reflect in your diagram automatically.

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How long does the free trial last?

Lucidchart trials last for 7 days with no commitment—cancel anytime. We'll send you an email reminder before your trial expires.

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You can use Lucidchart anywhere at any time you want. It also provides the feature to work with others simultaneously.

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