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The Lucidchart Sales Solution is used by companies worldwide to build account maps that accelerate the sales cycle and help reps understand a company’s landscape, visualizing the best path to sale. Lucidchart already integrates with leading sales tools like Salesforce, and our team is continually looking for additional ways to enrich sales strategies and make account maps even more actionable.

Nowadays, it’s common that reps head to LinkedIn—the world’s largest professional network on the Internet—to connect and learn more about the individuals and businesses they’re selling to. Lucidchart is now included in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP), which will strengthen the power of the Lucidchart Sales Solution, from initial contact to closing day.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales reps go after the right decision makers using genuine and personalized outreach instead of the same old templated sales pitch. We have partnered with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to integrate our platform so you can turn your sales records and account maps into rich profiles by seeing contact and lead details without ever leaving Lucidchart.

Lucidchart and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
View contact details within your Lucidchart account maps

The integration requires a Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license and a Lucidchart Sales Solution Enterprise account to use. After you’re all set up with your licenses, the integration includes the ability to:

  • View LinkedIn profiles within your account map: View lead and contact profiles simply by clicking the LinkedIn icon of a contact or lead on your account map.
  • See contact highlights: View LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile details for each contact, including location, current job title, experience, and shared connections.
  • Send connection requests: Connect with prospects you’re not already connected to on LinkedIn.
  • Save as a LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead: Save leads directly to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account while it automatically syncs with Salesforce.
  • Use InMail: Send LinkedIn InMail/messages directly from Lucidchart to existing contacts or new leads on your account map.
  • Leverage personalized icebreakers: Identify commonalities between you and your prospect within the widget frame window.
  • View recent activity: See contact updates such as job updates, company news, and posts your contact has created, liked, and commented on.
  • See related leads: Connect with your target contact's network by assessing and acting on suggested leads.
  • Get introduced: Skip the cold call and see which of your existing shared connections could introduce you to your prospects, such as company leaders, or someone at your alma mater.

How does your sales organization benefit from this integration?

The Lucidchart Sales Solution was built to benefit your entire sales organization. It enables teams to more effectively coordinate, communicate, and execute account-based strategies, leading to shorter sales cycles, bigger deal sizes, and more deals closed.

Sales reps

Sales reps must work quickly and efficiently to help customers find solutions that fit their needs, all while ensuring a smooth sales process. Lucidchart and LinkedIn Sales Navigator enable reps to work faster and smarter by showing contact updates, giving lead recommendations and suggested actions, and allowing reps to reach out to contacts directly—all within their Lucidchart account map.

See related leads, get introduced, or reach out using suggested icebreakers
See related leads, get introduced, or reach out using suggested icebreakers

To put it simply, the integration helps reps:

  • Find leads faster.
  • Stay in the know about role changes or company updates that may affect the deal (e.g., if a blocker leaves the company).
  • Better understand buyer needs and pain points.
  • Start relevant and impactful conversations.
  • Share compelling proposals and solutions tailored to each lead.
  • Provide key information during executive business reviews and quarterly business reviews.
  • Reduce time spent on non-selling activities.
  • Work and store all important account information in a central location.

Sales leadership

Sales leaders inspire and coach reps to better understand whom they need to talk to and how to navigate complex deals. Leadership can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator information to change the way they guide their sales organization, helping them:

  • Understand the true health of deals.
  • Intelligently allocate deal sponsorship and close the deals that matter most.
  • Share critical account details and updates with key stakeholders.
  • Coach reps on how to identify and navigate around blockers, how to leverage champions, and how to discover blind spots where key decision makers are missing.

Sales operations

When it comes to sales operations, never second guess whether your reps have the tools and processes in place that they need to be successful. The Lucidchart integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator improves sales processes and strengthens your sales enablement strategies in the following ways:

  • Reducing the pain of onboarding and territory realignment.
  • Ensuring that reps make the right connections.
  • Reducing the need to inefficiently toggle between multiple platforms.
  • Creating a systematic process to sell.
  • Hosting all information in a central location.

Buyers and customers

When a prospect is deciding whether to buy, their overall buying experience often outweighs the product. The Lucidchart integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator facilitates a positive buying process for customers in the following ways:

  • Reps respond more quickly.
  • Reps provide relevant information.
  • Less time is spent redirecting reps to the “right person.”
  • Deals close faster.
  • Account handoffs are smoother.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator features in the context of your Lucidchart account maps
Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in the context of your Lucidchart account maps

How do you use Lucidchart with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

When your Enterprise admin turns on LinkedIn Sales Navigator in Lucidchart, you can start viewing LinkedIn Sales Navigator information. Reps can begin searching for and messaging leads with just a few clicks. View the Help Center article to learn more about how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in Lucidchart.

Never choose between quantity or quality deals again—you can have the best of both worlds with Lucidchart. Not yet a Lucidchart customer? Request a demo about how to get started with Lucidchart and LinkedIn Sales Navigator today.