Beyonce vs. Michael Jackson. Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry. Vote for your fave in our Songtacular Flowdown! | Lucidchart Blog
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Who knew that flowcharts and pop music are the perfect combination? 



Several years ago, a Lucidchart fan created this video, which breaks down the Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude” into a flowchart set to music. It was all kinds of awesome and quickly got attention on the web. We loved it so much that we’ve decided to continue the trend by adapting some additional hits into the flowchart format, starting with "Roar" by Katy Perry.



To spice it up a bit, we made things into a competition. We wanted to help people decide, once and for all, which era had the best music. And what better way to do that than with lyrical flowcharts? We’ve created a series of videos similar to “Hey Jude”, so you can take a second look at your favorite songs through the decades. Choose between classic greats like Queen and modern stars like Beyonce, then vote for your favorite. The flowchart format will reveal interesting quirks of each song, from repetitive lyrics to inventive imagery. So head over to the Songtacular Flowdown and pick your favorite video. It’s a bracket-style competition so you’ll have a chance to vote more than once. Start with your favorites this week, then check back each week to see new videos and watch the best of the best rise through the ranks. Plus, you could win a $500 Amazon gift card if you predict the winner!