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As a sales rep, you have a variety of tools at your disposal as you prospect and work your accounts. While these tools are powerful and useful, when information is scattered across different channels, it can be difficult to see the big picture you need to sell strategically. 

Lucidchart Sales Solution is your one-stop visual workspace for selling. We’re excited to announce Contact Kanban, a brand-new feature that will help you see your entire account exactly the way you want to—without all the manual work that takes time away from selling activities.

Automatically generate your account overview

Contact Kanban leverages Salesforce data to automatically generate a high-level overview of the contacts in an account. By simply pulling out the Contact Kanban shape, all contacts are automatically placed in Smart Containers grouped by department. 

Customize your account view

Once a kanban has been generated, reps can turn Lucidchart into their own personalized workspace, using kanban view to easily group contacts in the way that’s most helpful to their daily work. For example, reps can: 

  • Choose how contacts are grouped into containers (by department, region, title, contact role, etc.).
  • Adjust how contacts are sorted within containers (i.e., by name from A to Z).
  • Filter contacts by desired criteria (i.e., only see titles that contain director). 
  • Apply conditional formatting rules to highlight important details (indicate how long since last activity with a contact, highlight contacts who have left the company, etc.). 

contact kanban example

Enhance prospecting

 Contact Kanban provides powerful account views that help reps determine where they have momentum within a company and where gaps exist. By adjusting the kanban to view an account from different angles, reps can determine areas of white space where they should focus their prospecting efforts. 

For example, if reps are selling a product that is broadly applicable across a company, they can group contacts by department to see which ones have existing users or contacts. If they are selling to an international company, they can group by region to see what geographical areas can be further penetrated.

Once reps have identified areas of opportunity, Lucidchart’s integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it easy to find suggested leads, add them to the account, and begin outreach—all without leaving the visual workspace. 

Maintain data integrity 

Lucidchart Sales Solution ensures Salesforce can still be a sales team’s primary source of truth, while making it easier to work with the powerful data the CRM holds. As reps dive deeper into an account, they can easily add new containers and contacts and rearrange them. All additions and updates are immediately pushed back to Salesforce, thanks to our bi-directional sync. 

For example, if Sally is moved from the sales container to the customer success container, her department will be changed to customer success in Salesforce as well. If you add a new contact, Adam, to the product container, he will immediately be added to the account in Salesforce. 

Contact Kanban empowers reps to better understand their accounts, find new areas of opportunity, and take action. Check out this new feature to help reps enhance their visual workspace and discover the insights they need to grow accounts and close bigger deals faster—we even have a new template to help you get started.

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