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[Free E-book] A Practical Guide to Business Analysis Techniques and Diagrams

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Have you ever wondered which problem-solving techniques you should use as a business analyst? Have you ever tried to create a visual to help you come to a decision or surface the challenges you face? 

Whether you’re gathering requirements for a new project or doing a root cause analysis, there are many techniques at your disposal, such as data modeling, state modeling, or data flow diagrams, that can help you get to the answers you need. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to identify the best fit for your specific situation. It can be even more difficult to solve the problems that you’re facing without the help of a visual aid.

To help business analysts select problem-solving techniques with confidence—and create visual references that help them get to optimal solutions—Lucidchart recently collaborated with Adaptive US Inc., a business analyst training organization, to write an e-book called Leveraging Lucidchart for BA Techniques

The e-book illustrates 16 problem-solving techniques in the practical context of a case study. Detailed visuals and examples throughout the book make it easy to put insights and techniques from this e-book into practice. 

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The case study in Leveraging Lucidchart for Business Analysis is based on Adaptive US’s experience developing GRCPerfect, a project governance, risk, and compliance management system that the company created for one of their key clients. The experience is then applied to 16 different business analysis techniques, specifically:

  • Business capability analysis
  • Business model canvas
  • Concept modeling
  • Data flow diagrams (DFDs)
  • Data modeling
  • Decision analysis
  • Mind maps
  • Organizational modeling
  • Process modeling
  • Root-cause analysis (RCA)
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Stakeholder maps
  • Personas
  • State modeling
  • SWOT analysis
  • Use cases and scenarios

For each technique or technique, you will find a brief description, a summary of the technique’s strengths and limitations, and example diagram templates that can be edited in Lucidchart to help you perform your analysis. 

Check out the templates you can access for free throughout the book:

Business model canvas

business model canvas template

Fishbone diagram

fishbone diagram template

Entity-relationship diagram (ERD)

entity-relationship diagram template

With Lucidchart, you can begin using business analysis techniques to implement change by identifying needs and recommending valuable solutions in your organization. Using our free templates, you can perform analyses that are always updated in real time and can be easily shared with anyone in any department in seconds.

With this book as your guide, it’s easy to start learning about and applying insightful business analysis techniques. As you get everyone on the same page, you’ll be able to streamline your decision-making process and move your projects faster.

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