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Channel partner programs are widely acclaimed as one of the most effective ways to ramp up sales and accelerate company growth, especially for the IT and SaaS industries. For example, consider IBM’s partnership with Box, Apple’s partnerships with AT&T and Verizon, or HubSpot’s extensive partnership program with dozens of marketing agencies. To enjoy the same benefits that these industry leaders have achieved with their partner programs, it is necessary to find the correct partners and develop mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships.

Recently on Sales Hacker, Scott Salkin of Allbound shared some of his experience-driven advice for building and maintaining productive partner programs. To simplify his article into actionable insights you can reference while building your own top-notch channel partner program, we’ve turned it into a flowchart. You can even open the flowchart and add your own notes, comments, and requirements as your sales strategy evolves.

channel partner program

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