redefining the culture of an underperforming team

How to Redefine the Culture of Your Underperforming Team [Flowchart]

Joel Bangerter

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Even for the experienced manager, a lazy team can be exhausting to supervise and motivate. Once underachievement becomes the standard, it can seem impossible to cultivate a new culture among team members. And, as tensions and frustrations mount, everyone involved may find it difficult to reach their goals, to innovate, and to enjoy going to work. Bringing a team out of such a slump is possible, even for new managers—it just takes effort and the right approach.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Joseph Grenny of VitalSmarts discusses his method for redefining team norms in a tactful, effective manner. We’ve taken his process and documented each step in a flowchart, providing an easy-to-understand visual reference. To quickly scan through the process, take a look at our flowchart, but we would also recommend reading the original article.

redefining team culture flowchart

About the author

Joel Bangerter is a rising sophomore studying English at Johns Hopkins University. Joel is working as a content marketing intern at Lucid Software for the summer. After work, he enjoys reading, camping, and spending time with his dog, Goosey.

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