Diagramming on the iPad, aligning objects, custom page sizes, and company case studies

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Another week, another announcement of exciting new features. This week we introduce Lucidchart for the iPad, better alignment tools, and custom page sizes.

Diagramming on the iPad

One of our core aims at Lucid is to enable our products to be accessed anywhere, anytime, using any device in order to facilitate communication as much as possible. To this end, we announce the next step of this evolution - mobile. As of today, Lucidchart can be accessed AND edited from the iPad's browser (be sure to add the beautiful Lucidchart icon to the home screen). Support for other touch-enabled mobile devices is underway, so feel free to check in on our progress with your touchscreen phone. Here are some quick tips to get started on the iPad:

  1. Open up Lucidchart on your iPad's browser
  2. Click on the Box icon in the Touch bar on the left to open up the shapes library.
  3. Touch and drag onto the canvas
  4. Zoom in/out or pan with two-finger gestures
  5. Undo, cut/copy/paste, or delete an object from the left Touch bar
  6. Happy diagramming!

Alignment Tools

It's now much easier to make clean looking diagrams, wireframes, flowcharts, etc with the new alignment tools in the properties bar. Now you can quickly align multiple objects with a single click. Simply, select the objects you would like to align, then click on one of the align buttons in the properties bar. That easy.

Expandable Canvas

As your diagram grows, let the page grow with it. It's now so easy to change the page size - mouse over one of the corners of the page you are working on, an arrow will appear, click on the arrow and resize the page to what you desire. This has been a feature requested for a while now and we're so excited to see it put to use.

Company Case Studies

We're also announcing an ongoing series of Company Case Studies that highlight professional organizations gaining value from the myriad of Lucidchart features. Here is a little excerpt from our first:

“We subscribe to the philosophy of being collaborative in everything we do, so all the tools we use on our core projects are web-based collaborative tools like Lucidchart. After trying everything else, we found that Lucidchart is the fastest, easiest way to [define software specs] with our clients. What are the tools we use to do our work every day? It comes down to three. EtherPad, Quickbase and Lucidchart.”

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