What Is a Pupper? [Video + Diagram] | Lucidchart Blog
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Hi fren! Here is a h*ckin good explanation of all the puppers, doggos, and woofers that are popular in memes. DoggoLingo (aka Doggo-Speak or Pupperspeak) is an internet love language for man’s best friend, and u should speak it.

If u want the F U L L diagram to educate your frens (two-legged or otherwise), here it is.

what is a pupper

Thx for the love humans.

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P.S. Check out our second h*ckin educational doggo video for pupper tongue lingo, best frens, and moar activities. Snoot boop!

P.P.S. To enjoy even more videos (think sneks, furry potatoes, muppet claws, cheese bois, and more), check out the full YouTube playlist, "Lucidchart Explains the Internet." And for more insight into this campaign, check out the AdWeek article that featured us!