Lucidchart vs. Miro

Compare Miro’s online whiteboard with Lucidchart, the intelligent diagramming application. See how Lucidchart beats Miro on data and automation capabilities to support broader use cases.

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Why teams choose Lucidchart

Data-linked process diagrams and flowcharts

Data-linked process diagrams and flowcharts

Technical experts prefer Lucidchart because it allows them to transform complex data into actionable insights. For example, you can use data linking to connect the steps of a process to actual data, or use formulas with custom data fields for calculations. Miro doesn’t offer these data capabilities. In fact, Lucid is years ahead of Miro with data and automation.

Technical diagrams with greater detail

Technical diagrams with greater detail

In addition to industry-standard shape libraries, Lucidchart supports custom shapes and custom shape data. Build and share shape libraries with everyone on your team to save time as you work together to standardize your documentation. Miro is limited to basic diagramming and doesn’t support custom shapes.

Time-saving org chart automation

Time-saving org chart automation

Not only does Lucidchart offer a variety of org chart templates and shapes—including photos and data fields—but it also allows you to automatically import and refresh people data from BambooHR, Google Sheets, and CSV files. To import people data in Miro, you have to download an app, which only supports basic org chart fields and doesn’t refresh data.

Account mapping to streamline sales

Account mapping to streamline sales

Many enterprise sales teams rely on Lucidchart for account mapping. This makes it possible to see and take action on key contacts, champions, blockers, decision makers, and more. With Lucidchart, you can quickly import this data from Salesforce, then drag and drop each contact onto the canvas. Miro doesn’t support this crucial use case for sales teams.

Mobile mockups for cross-team collaboration

Mobile mockups for cross-team collaboration

When your product, engineering, and marketing teams need to collaborate and align with UI/UX teams, they can leverage shape libraries in Lucidchart to create Android, iOS, and general UI mockups. This makes it easy for anyone to map out a starting point for mobile app designs. Miro doesn’t provide access to Android or iOS mockup shapes.

“Lucidchart provided a way to quickly and cleanly make sense of a codebase without actually having to go through and draw current architecture and design on paper or a whiteboard. You can go back and edit it and update it later."

Randy McLain - iOS Developer at LivePerson

“Lucidchart allows me to gain visibility into something that was once convoluted and opaque. It allows me to see a level deeper. I’m managing 150 deals at any given time, yet with Lucidchart, I can jump in and immediately pick out the missing economic buyer needed to close the deal."

Riley Thomas - SVP of Revenue at Built Technologies

“Once I started using Lucidchart, I’ve never gone back. It’s the best tool out there for collaborating between team members and for providing a really great enterprise-level solution.”

Jeff Morgan - CEO at HyperX Media

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