• Lucidchart vs. OmniGraffle

    Lucidchart and OmniGraffle are two popular diagramming tools. Here’s why we believe Lucidchart is the right choice for you.

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Real-time collaboration
Publish webpage
Share with collaborators
Share as image
Community sharing
Shape libraries
Org charts
Network diagrams
Circuit diagrams
Google Apps
Google Drive
Microsoft Office 2013 Beta
Export options
Google Drive
Visio support
Import .vsd files
Import .vdx files
Export as .vdx files
Import stencils
Lucidchart makes collaboration easy, including real-time chatting and editing.
Lucidchart has a variety of convenient integration choices, and they come free with every Team account.
Lucidchart allows you to export a partial selection of a document—perfect for reports and presentations.
Lucidchart has better Visio support than any other diagramming tool.

Customer reviews

Being a web-based application, LucidChart is very light, free of bloatware and one of the best alternatives to Visio for Mac users.osx411.com
OmniGraffle doesn't include the many collaborative features of Lucidchart. The Lucidchart license allows you to run the app on any of your devices. Unlike OmniGraffle, Lucidchart's iPad app comes at no additional cost.tuaw.com
As you know, I never ever ever publish anything from vendors, but I just really like Lucidchart and appreciate that they are giving educators and students this amazing tool for free.friedtechnology.com

OmniGraffle import

Switching to Lucidchart, but still need your old OmniGraffle documents? Lucidchart offers you free OmniGraffle import. Just select File > Import > OmniGraffle from the menu to upload your OmniGraffle documents and work on them in Lucidchart. This will let you take advantage of Lucidchart’s ease of use and convenient web-based features.

Superior diagramming


Lucidchart is committed to keeping your files safe and secure. All of your files are stored under layers of encryption and private by default. You can select who is able to view, comment on, or edit each diagram.


With Lucidchart, you and your colleagues or clients can edit diagrams together in real-time. See each other’s changes instantly and use the chat and comments features to communicate as you work.

Intuitive drawing

OmniGraffle forces you to use a connector tool and lacks full drag-and-drop functionality. Lucidchart is effortless to use. Simply pull shapes out from the side bar and drop them onto the canvas, then add lines between them with a click of your mouse.

Which program is a better value for me?

  • We only charge you once for your license, which works on desktop and mobile devices. With OmniGraffle, purchasing the iPad and iPhone apps will cost you an extra $100.
  • We offer free premium licenses to students and educators.
  • We let you pay on a monthly OR yearly basis and you can cancel your account at any time. Plus you’ll never have to pay extra for updates.

We explained why we think Lucidchart is superior to OmniGraffle, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Sign up for a free account now and discover the difference!